What’s in my hospital bag? Packing for a c-section


You’d think that having done this twice before I’d know what to pack from the top of my head. With it being 3 years since Ethan was born, I’ve forgotten quite a bit more than I thought I would. Also, with this being my first “elective” c-section, packing my hospital bag is a liiiiittle bit different this time around. Here’s what I have:

20170913_204313 a.jpg

  1. Maternity Pads – those big thick ones are definitely needed. In the first few days I use 2 pads for extra protection.
  2. Linen Savers – this is the first time I was asked by the hospital to bring my own linen savers. But these guys will help out as extra protection with the maternity pads as well. Whatever is leftover when we go home, will be used in our bed. I’ll put one underneath where I sleep because if I remember correctly, the milk spillage is very real in those first few days.
  3. Pajamas and slippers – 2 or 3 should be enough. I was looking for dark bottomed pj’s because of all the bleeding but couldn’t find ones I liked. I got button-down front ones to help out with breastfeeding. Loose-waisted also helps with the c-section cut and not having any pressure on the cut. The slippers are for when you start walking around and going to the bathroom (as soon as the feeling comes back in your legs and your catheter is removed).
  4. Maternity panties (disposables) – these suckers are great because they don’t bite into your cut, they actually fit up to your navel. They’re also awesome because you just chuck them in the bin after use.
  5. Extra panties – I packed extra panties (boy leg) with those soft waists. I might not use it but I packed it just in case.
  6. Nursing bras – I got these great nursing bras from Sophie and Jane. They are comfortable, super trendy and don’t look like nursing bras at all. I love them! There’s currently one that I’m lusting over, can’t wait for it to come out.
  7. Breast pads and nipple cream – not only used for milk leakage but also because your nipples get so sensitive and them rubbing against your bra can get really eina.
  8. Hair brush and hair ties – as much as I hope I get a chance to wash and dry my hair before baby comes, I need to be realistic and realise that I still need to brush my hair and maybe tie it up so it doesn’t strangle the baby somehow.
  9. Toiletries – I didn’t pack much, just a dark facecloth, shower gel and deodorant. Some women pack make up essentials and dry shampoo but those aren’t things I normally use.
  10. Earphones, chargers – pack your own earphones to listen to the hospital TV (if you get a chance) and cellphone and camera charges. Also don’t forget the plug adapter!
  11. Not pictured – gown, toothbrush, toothpaste

I realise my bag doesn’t carry much for myself but those are all essentials for me.

Anything critical I might be missing?

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6 thoughts on “What’s in my hospital bag? Packing for a c-section

  1. Lauren says:

    I’m also expecting my third next month and it’s been four years since my last c section so this is really helpful! Thanks!!!!

  2. mommy1234 says:

    Great list! I’ve had 3 csections, something I found helpful with walking once you could was a “tummy wrap”. Helped to keep me upright as I started walking and eased the car ride home.

  3. mommy1234 says:

    Oooh no not a step in, just now you pull your stitches! I think even clicks sell tummy wraps nowadays. Good luck on your journey, I look forward to reading about it ๐Ÿ™‚

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