Well hello there

I’ve neglected my blog a bit, with my last post being more than 3 months ago. So much has happened in those 3 months, so here’s a small summary.

12 December 2015

I coerced my entire family into doing a photoshoot. The talented Michelle Lategan was our photographer. My parents, my in laws, my sister, all our kids and ourselves. We were a big group but the shoot was great fun and the photos are amazing! I managed to get them all to agree to the shoot by saying that I wanted lasting memories for my kids of their grandparents before one or all of them are no longer here. And I am so happy that I was able to get them all involved.



25 December 2015

Christmas Day was great! We lunched with my parents. The children got spoilt rotten and we have no more space in our house for all their things. I was able to spend 2 weeks at home with the boys so I feel like I got a bit of a rest but Mark and I wasn’t able to spend any of that time together. He only took leave from the 1st of January and I had to be back at work. The festive season flew by and I started back at work with a major tan.


13 January 2016

Back to school. Or in our case, back to crèche.  The boys started their new year at crèche and it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. Ethan shed a few tears but was soon fine. Matthew had a good transition back to crèche and was happy to see all his friends. Party plans for Matthew’s birthday is in full swing. So much to do still.

18 January 2016

My mom passed away today. I have no words.


Despite our recent loss, life seems to go on. Matthew had his birthday party a day after his granny’s funeral. We had to register for Grade R for Matthew. The boys had a Valentine’s Fancy Shmancy Party at crèche. We’ve started looking for our forever home. I’ve been getting complaints from Ethan’s teacher that he’s fighting/hitting the other kids in his class group.

Life just goes on. And unfortunately, I can’t make time stop for a little while so that I can get used to not having my mom around anymore. But that’s another post.


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0 thoughts on “Well hello there

  1. debraaukett says:

    Wooohooo I found the follow button and I won’t miss another blog post again!

    Such a gorgeous photoshoot and I am so glad you have done this, now you have stunning pics of your beautiful mom. Thinking of you xx

    • Kim Muller says:

      YAY! Thanks for the follow Debra.
      Yes, I am so thankful for the photoshoot. Not only does my sister and I have great photos of our children with her, but there’s a gorgeous photo of her and my dad that he can look back on.

  2. catjuggles says:

    Just found your blog today and I am so sorry for your huge loss. I am just so very happy that you had those photos taken – we did the same 6 months after we found out that my FIL had stage 4 cancer. It is such a consolation that we had the shoot and the beautiful photos.

    • Kim Muller says:

      Thank you for popping in and leaving a message.
      The loss gets better with each passing day, although it’s still hard. The photos really are a major blessing now that we have them.

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