We have a 1 year old!

And just like that, Harper is 1. Ok maybe not just like that, I mean we did have to go through her newborn phase, then the teething, the late nights and loads of spit up, and the numerous ear infections and fevers. We’ve had a few first steps, lots of kisses and cuddles, a few “poo-plosions”, gummy smiles and that amazing head in the neck cuddle.

But we’ve reached a new milestone when Harper turned 1 on 29 September. And what a celebration we had! I love celebrating birthdays, especially with loved ones and close friends who have been a constant part of our lives. I am so proud of what I accomplished on such a minimal budget. I did almost everything myself, from the food, to the decor and things turned out so much better than I would’ve thought. We had a little gathering in the woods with Harper’s Woodlands Party.

The guests were wow’ed by the cake. My friend has made both boys’ birthday cakes for the last few years and her creations are always amazing. But this one?!?! This one took the cake (lol). It was a 3 layer cake, the bottom layer was a dummy, the middle was chocolate sponge with a chocolate and peanut butter frosting, the top was a vanilla and strawberry sponge with vanilla frosting and strawberry jam (I think).

The details just amaze me!

Hello deer

Floral print on edible rice paper

Ok, enough talking. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

The table – I only decorated the one space. I found it easier to just do one space instead of trying to decorate the entire house

DIY food name cards

Homemade chocolate cake (a little bit of my mom at the party. I used her recipe)

DIY juice box labels, party bags and the cookies from Nectar and Spice.

All snacks made by me. Those bacon covered chicken bites were a huge hit!

I did not expect those ham and cheese pinwheels to be a winner because, well just look at them. But everyone loved them and the platter was empty by the end of the day

There were 1 or 2 other under 1 year olds at the party and I figured it would probably be best to cater for them too. So a few Oh My Goodness snacks for them


Β  Β 







These cookies from Nectar and Spice are absolutely gorgeous and taste delicious!!!

DIY monthly growth photos. I must say, my guests loved looking back at these photos

And that’s it. If you have any questions about details about the party, please leave me a comment below and I will answer them as soon as I can

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6 thoughts on “We have a 1 year old!

    • Kim Muller says:

      Thank you Melissa. It looked beautiful because that cake of yours took centre stage πŸ˜€ Thank you again for this amazing creation πŸ™‚

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Happy Birthday Harper! So cute man.
    Wow, I’m tired looking at all those pics. You really went all out and it looks fabulous! Well done

    • Kim Muller says:

      Thanks so much! It was a very tiring exercise and I promised myself that this one was the last party we have at home. Not again lol πŸ˜€

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