We had a party

Does planning a children’s party get any easier?

We celebrated Ethan’s 2nd birthday on 21 August and unlike what people usually do, I decided to have his party on the Sunday of his birthday and not the day before (when I would’ve had a rest day before work started). Planning this party went a bit off track with Ethan getting sick the week before, so a lot of my DIY stuff didn’t get done.


Matthew (right) Ethan (left) both at age 2


It’s my birthday!

Party Prints/Décor

Kelly from Envelope is the wonder behind these prints. She’s brilliant at taking your idea and spewing out this gorgeous piece of work. I emailed her and just said I’m looking for something similar but with puppies/dogs. This is what she came up.


Party box labels and activity book covers


Juice box labels


Cupcake labels

Feel free to visit her Facebook page and check out her work.


I am always blown away by the talent of Melissa from Made by Mel. This is a hobby for her and she has made our last 3 cakes. She never disappoints. I told Melissa that all I know is that we’re having a puppy party but I have no idea for the cake. I really am lucky to be included in her select few that she’s baking for. Here is her latest creation for us.


It’s a puppy cake!


Some of the puppies


The detail of these little guys is amazing!

I’m thinking of asking her to make a cake for my birthday. Should I?


I came across Funky Frogs via Facebook. They are in Tygervalley Mall and I am so glad I found them. Lesley is just the best and helped organise everything. Their venue is open enough for the children to run around freely but very secure. When you book your kid in, they are tagged with those security tags and the sensor at the door goes off should they leave. The party room was set up for us in Ethan’s party colours. The children barely sat still long enough for us to sing and blow out the candles before they were off playing. Great place for a winter/rainy day kids party with very little effort from mom.


The paw print cupcakes I managed to find time to make


Now to start planning Matthew’s 6th birthday in January.

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