Too much social media?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. There are so many different types of social media which people use every second of every single day. Checking Facebook every 5 minutes, uploading a photo to Instagram, pinning a new recipe on Pinterest. We are so in touch with the world it’s scary. Yet we’ve seemed to have lost touch with each other.

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Mark and I will chat to each other during the day via Whatsapp. It’s easier and cheaper and we’re able to chat while in a meeting, or in between reports. I check Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat every chance I get. Wondering who’s saying what, who did what last night, or who shared a really funny video using the Snapchat filters. We get home and after supper, bathing the kids and putting them to bed, we sit in the lounge “watching” tv and connecting. Yes, we’re connecting by being on our phones almost all the time until we get into bed. Then we spend another half hour browsing social media in bed.

Why don’t we switch off? How do we switch off? This has been bothering for a while now. Especially when Matthew asks me to help him with a drawing he’s busy with and I ask to just hold on for me for 2 minutes while I finish scrolling on FB. Or when Ethan cries for his milk and I get irritated that I’ll have to watch that Snap again after I’ve seen to him.

Our children are born into this technological age but I don’t want them to believe it’s the be all and end all. We and our parents have had to learn how to use it, what’s safe and what takes loads of data. It’s still a novelty for us, especially when there’s a new app or a new filter or a new something every few days.

I want my children to grow up the same way I did. If I was bored, I had to find something to do to keep myself busy. Games were played outside and you had to get special permission from dad to play games on the pc. And then he had to type in the MS-DOS commands to bring the game up. My parents were fully with us when they decided that they had to pay some attention to us. Card games, watching videos on the VCR, they even played kickball outside with us.  I think our children have it too easy, too many channels to watch on DSTV, tablets and iphones, thousands of games that even my 1 year old knows how to switch on.

I’ve taken a little break from some social media this last few weeks and it’s been torture. I keep thinking about what I’m missing out on (I have serious FOMO on a good day), what Snaps I’m missing making, Instagram photos I’ve missed. But my children have loved the break, loved that I’ve been less irritated and been more involved with them. I think we need to do this more often.

Do you switch off? Do you make a plan to not look at your phones certain times of the day?

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0 thoughts on “Too much social media?

  1. debraaukett says:

    Oh yes, I agree, Social Media gets a bit too much. Hence me not getting time for Pinterest any more, I don’t do Twitter or Snapchat, but I check Instagram once a day, or sometimes I don’t get time for it and only check every few days, but Facebook is a BIG problem for me – I check it every day, every few hours… Serious FOMO!

    • Kim Muller says:

      I had to not load data on my phone to quit FB for the few days. It is really very addictive and so hard to give up. FOMO is a real thing 🙂

  2. Jessica Viljoen says:

    I think about this often too. I find myself checking FB and Instagram almost by default when I look at my phone! And i often get comments from Mia about, “put your phone down now mommy” – which is a bit of a wake-up call to me!!
    I’m thinking that I should really make an effort to literally put my phone off, or in a drawer in a different room of the house, at times like dinner time, to spend some quality family time without the constant dependence on social media!

  3. eattrainbeingwoman says:

    I did the Sleekgeek 30 day health habits challenge and on one of the days it was “No electronics 2 hours before bedtime”. Oh MY WORD!!!! Such torture, this is when I realised that I am too involved with FB. I don’t do snapchat, instagram or twitter, but like Debs, FB is a major issue for me and I too get lots of comments from the kids and DH about being constantly on my phone. Though at times I blame the convenience factor, where EVERYTHING is on my phone, from useful things like banking, pinterest, parenting blogs etc to the very useless things like facebook. Though I think I too need to take a break. And surprisingly, even though I don’t post often on FB, I do have serious FOMO and scroll through a lot. At times not even commenting on a lot, so eish. Serious issue. Which is also making me wary of getting MJ a phone, he is 12 this month. For this reason “If I, as an adult can be so ADDICTED to my phone, what self control does he have to practice to NOT get hooked on it?” Good question Kim.

    • Kim Muller says:

      I think FB is most people’s weakness. I know it’s one of mine as well. Self control is a major issue where social media is concerned. And you’re right, if we as adults struggle, how can a child control himself. I’m not at the point yet where my kids would want a phone but I must still get there and I’m not sure how I’m going to handle this one. Good luck Dama! Technology today is such a major convenience but not something we’ve received any training on how to handle lol.

      • eattrainbeingwoman says:

        Very true, we just don’t know how to deal with it. My boy was asking me if I had an app call “share it” or something like that. I have no idea what that is and he said that is the very first app he is installing when he gets a phone, hopefully before high school LOL. So now I have been trying to teach him of inappropriate content and social media safety, how to do that without actually ruining a child’s innocence is another challenge I tell you. Our kids face much different struggles than we did, and I do not think the way to go about it is to be rudimental based on our own upbringing as our challenges were really different. But having said that, boundaries are probably the best way to also safe guard them. Yoh, this parenting business hey! LOL

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