The year that was

The Christmas tree is up, cookies baked (I just need to ice them ), gifts wrapped and the anticipation to sight Santa is high. Mince pies, Christmas lunch prep, hidden gifts (and keeping inquisitive bodies away from the hiding places), summer days (and summer rain here in Cape Town, nogal 2 days before Christmas), cold ciders, ice lollies and hours spent in the swimming pool. These are all things that are happening or that we’re looking forward to.


On this Christmas Eve, I’ve gotten a bit reflective and have been thinking about the year that’s been. Although we’ve had the shittiest year ever, there were lots of amazing moments.20161215_192944

In January, we lost our mom. This was a big one for the year. It was sudden and unexpected and that was the worst part I think. Through this loss, my sister and I became closer and vowed to do more. Family outings, getting fit, spending a lot more time doing things and not waiting on other people to fall in with our plans. If they can make it, GREAT! If not, then we do it anyway.

My dad had his first birthday without my mom. He was a mess and we had to rally to stick around him and get him through it. We now have an even better relationship with my dad. Value and appreciate your parents. This was never more apparent to me than now, after I’ve lost one of mine.

We had a few more birthdays and special days that had to be celebrated without my mom, but we got through it and I think we did okay.

Finances were a bitch this year, and I’m hoping we can make better choices/investments in the new year to take some of the strain off.

Matthew graduated to Grade R (at big school). He is so excited and this mommy is scared and worried that I’m losing out on time. My kids are growing up so fast that I feel like I’m not always present, or missing out on some of the growing up. But I am extremely proud of the little man Matthew is growing up to be and I can see a lot of what we’ve taught him sticking.

We’re still house hunting. This is a massive schlep and it seems as if no one is selling at the moment. But we will keep at it and I know we will find our forever home. For now, we have a roof over our heads, the boys are fed and clean and have a safe and warm place to sleep at night. More than a lot of boys and girls out there have.

I’ve tried to explain to Matthew the meaning of Christmas and that it’s not all about presents. He kinda gets it, I think. But this is something I have to keep at for it to stick.


A big one for me personally, was the #CTConfidence video shoot with Abigail K Photography. I’ll go into it a bit more in another post. You can catch my video here if you missed it. Doing this video gave me the confidence to be me, the real me. And this is the best thing that I got out of 2016.

I have so many wishes for the new year (not resolutions as I know I won’t stick to it). I’ve been inspired to eat no grain, sugar or dairy, however, I’m only starting in the new year. Fingers crossed I get through more than a few hours. I want to be more present with the boys (and Mark) and put my phone down more often (this is hard for a blogger that needs to document everything with photos). There’s more but it’s not for this post.

Wait, I need to make icing for the cookies and it’s already 21:10. I’m sure Santa won’t mind if we put out un-iced cookies and milk, right? Maybe a beer rather to make up for the cookies.


To all my readers, new and old, I hope you have an amazing festive season. If you celebrate, I hope that your Christmas is special. May this time be filled with family and happiness. Please be safe on the roads if you’re travelling anywhere. May the new year be prosperous and filled with happy and joyous moments.

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