The “perfect” post (not)

I’ve written so many posts in my mind. I have ideas floating around in there that I forget to write down. The part I’m struggling with? Is getting it from my mind to my computer, making my fingers work with my brain to coordinate those stories and pictures into words that you the story of our lives.


The other problem that I’m struggling with is that there I feel there are so many mommy bloggers out there today. All writing about how great their kids are, and how “perfect” their homes are with their beautiful clothing and picturesque homes and amazing gardens. Dude, I barely have enough clothes to cover my ever growing bump, never mind having the energy to run after a 2 year old trying to get the “perfect” photo that tells you how “perfect” our lives are.


Our lives are far from perfect. Mark is still at home, 2 months later. Work is scarce and it’s scary. As an unqualified Health and Safety Officer, it’s a bit difficult for him to find the type of work that he was doing or anything really in the roads and stormwater industry. Then, there’s the worry that I might be retrenched as well. We are being kept on a “lyntjie” here at work and it’s driving me crazy. No one can give us answers and questions get the runaround. I am almost 7 months pregnant and there is clearly no way anyone is going to hire me and still give me 4 months paid maternity leave now. The stress levels people?!?!

Otherwise, the pregnancy is going great. A few aches and pains here and there but nothing to worry about. I’m 26 weeks now and my bump gets a hug and kiss every so often from Matthew. I’m still dreaming of a VBA2C but I’m trying to get over the fact that there are no medical practitioners in the Western Cape willing to assist.


I need to find ways to pack and organise the baby’s things in our small space. Gosh guys, it’s incredible how little space we have. Looking at Pinterest to see if I can get some ideas on how to organise the baby’s things but it makes me tired looking at these things. I’m first all like “ooooh pretty!”or “we can definitely do that”. Which immediately gets over-ridden with “flip, how many storage boxes am I going to have to buy at Mambos?” and “where the heck do I store the other things that’s taking up space?”.

I’ve started buying some goodies for the baby but I definitely don’t need a lot. My friend kept all the things I gave her so the only things we really need are nappies and toiletries. Amazing right? Still doesn’t stop me from buying an outfit here or a swaddle blanket there. There are such cute (expensive) things out nowadays.

Baby grow

Matthew did well this term, his grades increased from last term and I’m super proud of him. He got to watch Cars 3 with his dad in the week and he had the BEST time. Ethan is testing us at every turn, ignoring us and just doing his own thing, so it’s been a struggle dealing with him. He still doesn’t want to sleep in his own bed. He starts out there but ends up in ours sometime during the night, although he nearly gave me heart failure 4 nights in a row when he slept through in his own bed. And just as I was getting excited BAM! back in our bed. Don’t know what to do except just go with it and take his cues from him.

I haven’t started thinking about Ethan’s birthday yet and it’s next month. Anyone want to offer free party planning services? I have a sprinkle to look forward to as well but I just want something small to celebrate this baby. Looking at ideas for this but love the idea that Leigh from The Mom Diaries did at her baby shower. The whole blessing ceremony appeals to me so much.

Okay, I think I’ve gone on enough. Fingers crossed I get out of this slump I’m in soon and that Mark gets work and that I am not affected by the retrenchments. Hopefully I can take some “Insta-perfect” photos soon.


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0 thoughts on “The “perfect” post (not)

  1. Jodie says:

    You look so happy and healthy in your pick. And the bump is growing beautifully 🙂 Sorry about Mark and your situation – hopefully something comes up soon for him and that your job situation stabilizes. Oh I feel you on Ethan testing you…Riley is at exactly the same phase!!! Sterkte mama xxx

    • Kim Muller says:

      Thanks Jodie. Something will come up, I know it will. It’s just while we’re in this situation that everything looks depressing and insurmountable. But we will get through this. Strongs your side too!

  2. mommabeartrax says:

    Sorry to hear about the rough times. Here’s to hearing the great news of that secure job your man is going to land as well as your own job security! Ps. You’re looking happy n beautiful in your pix! Ps. We’re also currently having a sleep issue with our kiddums…and they used to be champ sleepers. So I’m feeling you Hun

    • Kim Muller says:

      Thanks Tracey. The sleep thing is hard yo. Ethan sleeps like a freaking octopus on steroids, kicking me in the stomach or digging his toes into my side. Hoping he gets out of it soon but I’m thinking it’s because of the season and illnesses going around. Thank you for the well wishes for the job thing! The news will come soon 😀 Strongs your side too re the sleep issue

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