The curly side of life

I love curly hair. Like really love it. When I was younger, it was the look I went for most days. I could wet my hair, slap on a bit of conditioner, shake my hair out and voila! gorgeous curls. Then I got older, and being in a swimming pool loaded with chemicals and later constant hair colouring took its toll on my hair. Gone were my lovely curly locks and in its place was this bushy mess that desperately needs to be ironed at all times.

When I had Matthew, I was astounded that this little being with straight, blonde hair came from me, a curly brunette. But I was glad that he had hair I never had to worry about. Just wash and go. Make sure he gets a trim now and then and bam!

That was, until Ethan came along. This child of mine is like the chalk to Matthew’s cheese. Seriously, they are dissimilar in more ways than one. The main one being that Ethan has THE most beautiful curls I’ve ever seen.


Gorgeous curls

I loved the curls, was even hesitant to trim his hair when the back went all nappy on him because of sleeping. I had it cut, making peace with the fact that the curls will go away. I was beyond excited when the curls came back! I loved that we could wash and go or I could put his hair into a baby ponytail and no one would question me.


Baby ponytail

We wash his hair at most twice a week (unless there is too much food showing and I can’t just pick out the big pieces), brush it out with the Tangle Teezer and blow it dry.


Rocking the blowdry

Unfortunately, he HATES brushing his hair. And I need to brush it every day because it matts so badly at the back when I don’t (I know you shouldn’t be brushing curly hair). I posted to Facebook and got a few suggestions of products that I could try to combat the tangles and make life easier for us all.

We bought the Oh So Heavenly Kids 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner and the hair detangler. Firstly, I love the shampoo and conditioner. It has a nice apple scent and makes both boys’ hair luxuriously soft and easy to work with. However, I’ve tried the hair detangler twice until giving up on it. I used it in the morning, together with our Tangle Teezer and I’m sorry but I’m not a fan. It makes Ethan’s hair sticky and his hair looks so oily after wards.

Luckily for us, warmer weather is on its way, so I dampen his hair and then pull the Tangle Teezer through his hair and we’re left with his beautiful curl again. He doesn’t like having his hair tied up and pulls the tie out, so I can’t tie it up anymore.

There’s no way I’m cutting his hair, so we just have to keep trying to figure out what will work for his hair. Any tried and tested tips?

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3 thoughts on “The curly side of life

  1. catjuggles says:

    A had curly hair as a little girl, then it went dead straight and now with puberty hitting its starting to curl again. But she has lots of very fine hair that always tangled. I very early on realized that kiddies shampoo and conditioner did not do the job and bought grown up products that worked a lot better. Also in stead of detangler I thinned conditioner and added Bergamot essence (helps with tangling and keeps lice away) on the advice of my hairdresser – it works well. Also the ethnic detangler products works way better than the ones meant for European hair. Hope this helps – best of luck

    • Kim Muller says:

      Oh that’s great advice! Thank you. I started using the grown up shampoo and conditioner but felt bad thinking I was damaging his hair somehow. The bergamot essence sounds like a good idea, will have a look out for it this weekend. Thank you so much for the advice!

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