That night we gave the kids a break from us

As a parent, you will know how important date night is. We don’t always get there though. We’re too tired, or the budget is tight, or on the one night we decide we’re gonna go for it, one of the kids falls ill. Yeah, it’s a struggle and for us, the last time we went on a date night, was just before Matthew was born, over 7 years ago. So you can imagine my excitement as we were sitting in the car, heading off on our first overnight date since having kids.

We got a booking at Daddy Long Legs Unique Art Hotel in Long Street and were booked into the 501 room. This room is amazing! There are Levi’s everywhere. The stool is covered in old Levi jeans, the toilet seat has Levi’s pockets in the lid. It is literally a Levi’s Strauss fan dream!

We headed out to the V&A for dinner where Mark experienced his first Uber ride. Super stoked that he didn’t have to drive. We had the most amazing meal and bonded over steaks and cocktails. It was so amazing to have a conversation with my husband without having to answer a “kid question” every few seconds.

After dinner, we got back to Long Street and took a stroll to Stones to shoot some pool. I know, for a date night, we were being so boring. But we spent most of our dating life together playing pool at a local place. It brought so many memories back, just being in that smoke machine filled place, surrounded by other couples, with the loud music playing in the background. Heckling each other and joking around, I smiled so much that night.

The next morning, we had breakfast before rushing back home to the kids to take them out for lunch. I’ve been wanting to take them to the airport for the longest time. So we decided to have lunch there. The boys were in their element, staring out of the big windows at the airplanes, exclaiming over the big buses and tiny jets. I think I had as much fun watching their experience as they did.

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One thought on “That night we gave the kids a break from us

  1. MamaCat says:

    The airport. We also do the airport thing and I am so happy to hear that we are not the only strange family that goes to the airport just to watch the planes landing and taking off.
    I eagerly await the airshow every year so my little one can get into the actual pilot seat.

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