Superbalist Black Friday Showdown

Black Friday is on 29 November this year. I’m not one to set my alarm for midnight so that I am the first to get into the specials. But what I always do is put items in my wishlists year round. This way, I always have access to the things I like (also, I have a memory like a fish) and most retailers put discounts on items that are wishlisted often by customers.

To avoid disappointment this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, download the Superbalist app and start building a wishlist now. Come 29 November and 2 December, you can check all the items in your wishlist to see which ones have been discounted. I’m sure most items will be, especially with Superbalist.

Here are some of items I have on my wishlist:

For Mark

Jacket; joggers; cable box; shoes 

For the Kids

Backpack, swimming costume, dress, tracksuit

For the Home

Rug; bedding; basket 1; basket 2

For Me

Sneakers; nail polish, boots, jeans

Most of these items are already discounted, so I’ll be super lucky if they get a further discount this Black Friday! If you’re unlike me, set those alarms and get ready to shop.


Products we love from 4AKid


We were given some products from Ally Cohen from 4AKid to review sometime last year. I never got a chance to put the review up on the blog, so here you go. Some of my favourites from their website.

Knee pads
I loved these little knee pads. With Harper crawling all over the show, these pads helped protect her knees from scrapes. They stretch to fit over her knees and are very comfortable. They’re not too tight and don’t leave those elastic marks on her legs. They also minimized the stains on her pants that I struggle to wash out. Definitely a win for us! Available in light grey, light pink, and more.

Toothbrush holder
Oh my gosh, do my boys love this little ladybug. Toothbrushes don’t lay all over the basin now and the holder is easy to attach to the wall with little suction pads underneath it. And they rush to the bathroom to catch a glimpse of this cute ladybug and show him how they brush their teeth.

Plush pacifier holder and dummy
I thought this product was a brilliant idea! I mean what better way to find a lost dummy than to just look for the little stuffed dog. However, for us, it just didn’t work out. Harper didn’t like the dummy that was attached to the dog and there was no way we could remove the dummy attached and add our own one. I would definitely consider using this if there maybe a velcro strip to attach your own dummy to the plushie. If your baby is not as fussy as mine, then this is a win. They have other designs in the collections as well. I think there’s a monkey and a teddy.

Magic tracks
Anything to do with cars and racetracks have my boys jumping up and down with excitement. With these magic tracks, you can bend, flex and curve the track magically in 360˚ however you want – even while the race car is zooming around. They’ve even worn the tracks as a crown lol.


I also have a few items from 4aKid on my wish list.

Blackboard sticker
I’d love this blackboard sticker for the boys’ rooms. Those old school blackboards on the stands can get in the way and I love that this sticker is easy to apply and can be cut to fit any size you wish. I could even stick it on my fridge to jot down my shopping list or little love messages for Mark.

Unicorn backpack
Man oh man what’s not to love about this baby bag backpack? Not only does it have unicorns on it, it’s a multi functioning, versatile bag. We’ve only had shoulder bags for the boys and as much as I loved those bags, with 3 kids now it’s a bit difficult to juggle them all as well as struggle with a bag falling off your shoulder. Definitely one on my list to get soon.

Responsibility Chart
The boys are going through a stage of not listening to me and creating a mess wherever they go. I’m hoping to get this responsibility chart and start tracking their behaviors. According to the product info on 4aKid’s website, “kids can open the dry-erase boards to reveal a behavior chart on one board, with the 90 magnets on the other, including illustrated responsibilities and behaviors (like Clean Room, Set Table, No Teasing) as well as smiling rewards (Well Done!, Excellent!, You’re a Winner!) also two blank magnets to personalize. The attached sturdy cord is ideal for hanging and the fabric hinges ensure that it will remain durable for many responsible years to come.”

Silicone Ice Lollies
My kids love ice lollies, suckers, bunnylicks, whatever you want to call them. I love these silicone ice lollies because you can add your own fruit juice, yoghurt, etc and freeze. This way, you know what’s going into these ice lollies and they’re mess free.


Bake Snake
I try to bake as often as I can. But I’ve only ever baked a round cake. With this little silicone gadget, I can connect the “snakes” into any shape, place it into a foil lined tray and add my batter. And voila! A heart shaped cake for Valentine’s Day? A number 5 cake for Ethan’s next birthday? Maybe even a star to tell the kids they’re my stars? The possibilities are endless!

Have you been onto 4aKid’s website yet? What have you purchased from them or what is on your wishlist? Tell me in the comment section below.

My favourite kids shoes


Shopping online has evolved so much in the last few years, did you know that the first item sold online was a Sting album – Ten Summoner’s Tales in 1994. There was a time we were too scared to purchase anything online, for fear of fraudulent activities on our credit cards, or we’d end up losing our money or not getting the items we bought. Some of us were even too scared to log into our online banking accounts. I’ve spent so much money buying things online, from clothing for the kids, birthday presents for loved ones, home ware, etc.

I shop at most of the well-known online stores but only recently found out that has kiddies shoes. I was as excited as my boys would be if they were to see the entire Paw Patrol squad. I’ve browsed through their selection and here are a few of my favorites.

Kids Chuck Taylor All Star

Matthew will freak out if he must see this! He’s into this whole camo thing lately (no idea where it came from) and every second item of clothing we buy, needs to have this camo print on it. I need to keep these out of his sight. Plus it’s Converse, which is my favourite brand of sneakers.

Kids Superstar 360

Ethan is not a fan of laces, so these slip-on Adidas is just perfect. They have a similar print to the camo, so he won’t feel left out but is dark enough to hide all the dirt he’s bound to pick up.

Clark – Shooshoos sells Shooshoos!! Guys, I’m sorry to shout that out like that but I love Shooshoos and how cute is this white and gold pair? (Can you tell I’m excited that I get to buy girls shoes?) Gosh, this speaks to the diva in me.

Kids superstar 360

I wish I could get a pair of these in my size. Have you never wanted to twin with your kid? Only me then? I love these so much, it’s crazy and can’t wait to get Harper a pair. I think she will look so freaking cute in it!

Infants superstar 360

Clearly I have a thing for Adidas Superstar. I just love these shoes. I also love that it comes in girls, boys, baby girls and baby boys sizes. So the whole family can rock these awesome sneakers!

Gosh, I am a sneaker head apparently. I’m also one for a decent app, as I’m on my phone 80% of the day and don’t always get to shop on my pc. So I thought I’d let you know how amazing the app is. 

It’s easy to navigate, has all the items on the app that is on their website and the best part? You can get R250 off your first buy with a minimum spend of R600. You can download the app for Android phones here or for iOS here. You’re welcome.