A break in, a flooding, coping mechanisms


A few weeks ago, we had our very first house break in. We had only been in the new house for 3 months and were still in the process of putting in an alarm system. The Friday before the break in, we noticed that one of the vibracrete slabs had been broken and pushed in and looked like someone might have been in the yard and looked around. We then contacted the alarm company to urgently install and setup the alarm. Unfortunately, it was a little too late.

Mark normally gets home earlier than I do. This Monday, he walked into the house and immediately noticed that the tv in the lounge was missing. I have no idea what went through his mind at the time, but he walked into the kitchen and then noticed that the backdoor was standing open. He had the kids with him and instead of being able to deal with the situation, he had to ensure the kids didn’t touch anything and get them to my dad.

They had gotten into the house by unclipping the aluminum window from the frame, and jamming a thick wooden plank between the burglar bar and the wall in Harper’s bedroom. They ransacked our house. Took all our electronics, valuables, name brand shoes. The police took 4 hours to come take our statement, it took us a couple hours to straighten the house and make a list of things that were taken. We sent our list to the insurance in that week but still found things missing 2 weeks later.

Then, dealing with the insurance assessor was another headache. Gosh, I understand why the insurance companies are so thorough but they seriously need to find another way to talk to claiming clients. I was made to feel like I had stolen my own things. I honestly do not want to go through something like this again.

To top off things, 2 weeks after the break in, our geyser apparently burst. We walked in the Sunday to a house flooded in most of the rooms. Water was gushing out of the bathroom lights, the passage ceiling, there was water in the kitchen, the playroom, the bathroom, Harper’s bedroom, just freaking everywhere! It took forever to mop it all up and then another few days before the assessor came out to see the damage. It’s been a week and a half and we still have no idea when they’re coming around to repair the ceilings, flooring and cupboards.

It’s just been the most stressful few weeks. We’ve never had to deal with any of these issues before, so it’s been a learning curve for us. We have Ethan’s birthday tomorrow week which I have to plan a party for and I have no idea whether our house will be able to accommodate guests or not. I’ve taken a break from social media and blogging as my mind is just all over the place. I’m dealing with some anxiety and mild depression and I’m not coping. Social media also seems to be adding to the anxiety and stress, especially when the lives on Instagram all seem so perfect and I feel like I can’t live up to it.

Do you have coping mechanisms to deal with stress and anxiety?


Insuring with Incompass – a little behind the scenes after our accident

Sponsored by Incompass, but ALL opinions are my own

It’s been more than a week since our accident and I would give anything to have this whole incident over and done with. The one thing I am so grateful for, is that we recently changed our insurers.

Making the decision to change was a daunting one. We were with a very well-known insurer and it seemed that they offered the best rates for our car. My amazing friend, Cindy (who blogs over at 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House) co-owns an insurance brokerage called Incompass and convinced me to at least try them out and see if they can find some competitive rates for us.

Incompass has been working in the Insurance industry for 10 years and have built very good relationships with reputable insurance companies, ensuring that we provide you with the best cover for the most affordable price.

I agreed and was put into the very capable hands of Jemimah. Gosh, that woman works magic. First, we received a set of questions that we had to answer. I think was the hardest part. Jemimah then came back to us with a few companies that had the best rates. I had a load of questions because everything was foreign to me. The terms, what exactly everyone was offering, what was included, what wasn’t, etc. But the staff at Incompass is absolutely incredible and patient (and I’m not just saying that because I’m friends with Cindy lol).

After lots of emails between us (because I had lots of questions), the contract was finalised and we were with a new insurer! Yay us! And yay to Incompass for the easy and no fuss handling of this matter. Seriously, these guys and gals do everything for you. They liaise with the insurers, send you any questions they need answered, answer all your questions you may have, send you the contract, go through it with you and then ensure that everything is finalised.

Then the inevitable happened. We had just changed insurers and were then involved in an accident. Not knowing how claims work and if we were even eligible because we had only been with our current insurers for 4 weeks. First, at the scene of the accident, I spoke to a consultant at our insurers and registered a claim. The next day, I emailed Incompass’s trusty Jemimah. Again, I’ll say it, that woman is seriously incredible. She said that she’s available to me if I need any assistance with the claim.

She contacted the insurance, she got all the documents and details they needed to them, she followed up and kept me up to speed. She is still helping me to get in touch with the assessor and claims agent. I don’t think that this would have gone any better with our previous insurer and I honestly don’t think I would’ve received this type of personalised service elsewhere.

So take it from me, you need to get in touch with Incompass and let them help you find the best cover at an affordable price. You won’t be sorry. (And don’t worry if everything sounds like gibberish or goes over your head – like it did with mine. They are patient and will explain everything to you.) Have a look at their website here, it’s really easy to use. They also have a Facebook page.

An untimely meeting

Yip, that’s our car in that photo above. On Tuesday, on our way to take Ethan to the doctor, we had an untimely meeting with a motorbike.

We were on our way to Panorama Medical Centre to see the paediatrician because Ethan was (and still is) vrek sick. We came to an intersection where we had to turn right. Mark slowed down because the traffic light was red. On his right, was a car turning into the road we were in but behind him was a motorbike, in a hurry to get somewhere. He overtook the car in the bend, accelerated and fucked into our car. Luckily Mark saw him taking the bend and tried to swerve out of the way but because there was a car in the lane next to us, he couldn’t avoid him.

All I remember is Mark saying something along the lines of “look at this idiot”, I glanced up from my phone and saw this blue object hurtling towards us. I heard the metal scraping and an oofh as the man hit the car. I sat there for a few seconds trying to process what had just happened. Then Harper gave a cry, Mark tried to open his door and couldn’t and I jumped out to check on the kids.

Bike, meet car

I opened the back door, made sure Ethan and Harper was fine and shouted at the motorcyclist. I am ashamed that I shouted at him but all I can put it down to is shock. I shouted “My kids are in the car!! My kids!! What were you thinking?!!” and then 2 seconds later, “Are you okay?!?

He was not okay. He had gotten up after falling, collected his boot that had fallen off and went to sit on the grass on the side of the road. I went to him and asked him again if he’s okay. He said he couldn’t move his arm but other than that, he was fine. It looked like he might have dislocated his arm but when Mark called this morning, he was told that he had broken bones and couldn’t work or do anything with that arm for 6 weeks. I tried to call the ambulance, or the police or any freaking emergency service but I just could not get hold of anyone. 2 minutes after the incident occurred, the rapid response was on the scene and took over. They were a massive help and kept everyone calm. They helped us get the information we need for the insurance and even called our insurance for us to inform them of the accident.

Smashed front

I am so grateful that the damage was minimal and mostly only to the vehicle. I am grateful that we weren’t injured. I am grateful that the children were buckled up and safely in the backseat. I am grateful that Mark had the sense to try to swerve because the bike and driver would’ve hit us head on. I am grateful that we chose to change our insurance a month ago and now have an amazing broker that helped us even more.

Mark is depressed and worrying about his other baby. He just wants his car fixed up to the way it was and back where it belongs.

The kids were checked out by the doctor, as we decided to go to our appointment any way. However, I’m struggling a bit today with my back and pelvis. Not sure if it’s related to the accident or if it’s just pain residue from the last time my back was sore. Guess I need to go have it checked out. Ai.