Summer is here

It’s my favourite time of the year. Our Christmas tree is finally up, Christmas movies are playing on tv and Cape Town has finally realised that it’s summer. I freaking love summer! No need for layers and layers of clothing and jackets to stay warm. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this season. Everything bad that’s happened this year just seems small when the weather is amazing and you have this beautiful sheen (okay sweat) on your skin.


Nowadays, the warmer weather also means loads of sunscreen for the boys, towels and costumes always packed in the car and spontaneous trips for ice cream. As Ethan is still not potty trained, we also have to pack in Huggies Little Swimmers. The potty training is a story for another day though. I’m struggling with Ethan in a way I never did with Matthew.

We’ve been using Huggies Little Swimmers since Matthew was little. I bought my first packet of Swimmers when I couldn’t deal with the normal nappies absorbing all the water and bulging out of his costume. Then the substances inside would leak out and cause a mess everywhere. I loved the Swimmers with Matthew because they kept the accidents in the nappy and if the nappy stayed clean, it could be reused. Making these nappies extreme value for money.


I am so lucky that Huggies gifted us with a packet of Little Swimmers for Ethan, as I hadn’t yet gotten around to getting him some for this summer yet. And having a naked 2 year old running around on the beach is not my idea of fun. The new designs on the nappies are adorable, I mean who doesn’t love Dory? You can find Nemo on the sizes 2-3 and Dory on sizes 3-4.

They also sent us some swimming safety tips by Sarah’s Swim Academy based in Craighall Park to ensure our kids are safe while splashing in the water this summer.

Swim Tips

  • Be attentive – never turn your back on your child while they are in or anywhere near water.
  • Arms Reach – always keep a hand on babies and toddlers while in the pool and the bath, even strong swimmers under 5 should always be within arm’s reach of an adult.
  • No dunking allowed! – Never dunk a child under 3 years of age. Younger children can swallow large amounts of water and this could lead to drowning or secondary drowning. This experience might actually increase your child’s fear of swimming.
  • Teach Safety basics – Teach your child the pool safety basics when s/he’s a toddler. This includes the following rules
    • Climb in the pool backwards, never climb in forwards or jump in
    • Do not run near the pool and;
    • Never enter the pool or go near the water without an adult present.
  • Learn CPR and know the difference between the types of drowning.
  • Take Swimming Lessons – if you’re not a swimmer yourself, it’s a good idea to take lessons and learn how to swim to aid your child in the water if necessary. All children should learn how to swim as this can save their lives. Babies can start swimming lessons from the age of 6 months. Swimming lessons teach children to back float which enables them to call for help if they fall into the pool. Lessons also teach children to reach for a pole or noodle offered to them if they’re ever struggling in the water.

These safety tips are really simple to follow and are essential for our kids’ safety in the water. My boys are water babies and can never get enough of being in the pool or splashing in the waves at the beach, so these tips will come in handy for us.

Huggies Little Swimmers has always been our first choice for swimming nappies since my niece was a baby. How did you manage with your child was at the beach/poolside? Did you use a normal nappy? Let him/her go naked?

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