Sometimes, it’s hard

Being a mom is hard. There I said it. It’s not the easiest job in the world. It’s not all sunshine and roses. It’s not having a jol and living your best life. Nope, sorry. If anyone tells you it is, they’re lying. Don’t get me wrong. Being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me. There are the moments that make your heart poop chocolates and you exhale glitter, the moments that you love your kid so much you can’t breath, the moments where you’d lay your life down for your child.

But honestly, those moments exist to remind us during the rough times. When your baby won’t sleep, she’s been awake since 1:06 and it’s 3:47 am and you have to get up at 5am to get ready for work. When your almost 4 year old is up again for the nineteenth time just to tell you that he ate his porridge and food at creche. When your 7 year old loses his 4th jacket at school and the second term wasn’t even over yet.Those moments remind us not to drop kick our kids like they’re a rugby ball and we’re converting for the Springboks. Those moments remind us that we’re not animals and can’t eat our young.

Can we just stop with the sunshine and glitter bullshit and tell new moms how tough this shit is? Maybe then those moms will be better prepared for how kak it can be. The neverending tiredness. The constant touching. The ‘mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, moooommmmyyy!!’ that will make your ears bleed. The endless nappy changes, and bottle making, and bum wiping. The fact that even when you’re sick, probably half dying, and you still have to do all the things you do when you’re hearty and hale.

I’m not saying don’t talk about the wonderful things, I’m just  saying don’t gloss over the bad things.

I love my kids. Like with all my heart and I’d die for them type of love them. But sometimes, it’s hard….

Disclaimer – (can’t believe I feel like I need to write this but you know…) I love my children. I am grateful for them and for the fact that I could bring them into this world. I do not wish I didn’t have children. I do not wish that my children will just disappear. I will not eat them, seriously. 


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10 thoughts on “Sometimes, it’s hard

  1. Jonelle says:

    Hell yeah. I hear you. As for your disclaimer, I grumbled about not liking being pregnant and got called all kinds of ungrateful even though my child was a miracle and we were planning ivf. Finding your kids annoying or draining or or or doesn’t take any love away.

    • Kim Muller says:

      Agreed! You love your kids regardless. Doesn’t mean you have no feelings and can’t feel tired and overwhelmed and not wanting to be around your kids 24/7!

    • Ferowza says:

      Ouch… we forget pregnancies are so different and not everyone has that glowing pregnancy where they only show in their tummy and eat what they want and never puke and and and… we forget some people carry their miracles in a physically and emotionally hard way! We love our kids to bits… but we’re not darn robots.

    • Kim Muller says:

      Yes we need to stop feeling guilty and like we’re complaining when we talk about our kids. They can be little devils and we are only human to feel overwhelmed with it all sometimes.

  2. Ferowza says:

    Oh yes please let’s cut the crap. I also believe that any mom who says its easy peasy or it’s the best job in the world or they could spend every minute with their kids, is, well, full of crap! Being a mom is hard! Yes, it’s rewarding and amazing and there’s nothing like the hugs you get from your kids, but sometimes it is just plain hard!! And sometimes I do tell my kids I’m gonna eat them – you know, when we’re playing and I pretend to gobble them up. Can you believe we even need disclaimers? Let’s just have a bitch-about-our-kids sesh over a coffee without the guilt and then go home and play with up 🙂

    • Kim Muller says:

      I know right!?!?! Like we get judged for every little thing we do or don’t do that to forestall those judgemental judies, we feel the need for a disclaimer. I agree with you though, we need a bitch sesh and then leave feeling better knowing we’re not alone and love on our kids when we get home!

  3. Ronel Smith says:

    Agreed! If women were more real with one another and less judgemental, life would be so much easier. We love them, we wanted them…. But damn this mommy life is difficult!!!!

    • Kim Muller says:

      And there is nothing wrong with that. I think we need to be more open about our struggles. Maybe we will then find a bigger village to help (and then open to accepting that help) if we do. 😀

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