School holidays almost over???

Wow it’s been 2 weeks since my last post! There’s not much going on in our lives, I guess that’s why it’s been so quiet around here.

School holidays are almost over and Matthew had a few outings in the 3 weeks. He went to watch Cars 3 at the cinema with his dad. Got to play arcade games and went to Spur for some quality time with Mark as well on that day.

We also went to Old Mac Daddy for a few days. Oh my gosh, that place is amazing! It’s been on my bucket list so I’m glad I got to experience, however, I’m not ready to tick it off my list yet as I want to experience this beautiful place in summer.


We also got spoilt with winning family tickets to the Disney on Ice show last night. Unfortunately, I felt that Ethan was still a bit too young for the show, so treated Matthew, my niece and a friend’s daughter to the experience. They absolutely loved it and sat transfixed most of the show. I loved the costumes and the artistry on the ice. The show also brought back so many memories for me of my own experiences with Disney growing up. My only gripes are that the prices of the food stuff and toys are beyond ridiculous and saying no to a child who can keep on keeping on asking for something gets a tad too much.

In my last post, I mentioned that Mark is still struggling to find work and that there was a worry of retrenchment on my side. The good news is that Mark was offered a post at a company. He’s not 100% happy but it’s an income and he can now work and look for something better in the meantime. On my side, I also received news that the retrenchments won’t affect my department. Mark and I can both breath a little easier now.

The pregnancy is still going good. I started with some crazy pains in my groin recently. Probably just ligaments stretching but seeing my gynae next Thursday so will ask then. We still don’t have any names though. By this time with the boys, we were talking to them and mentioning them by name for months already. I have just over 9 weeks left before this baby is here and I NEED to get a move on. Any ideas for names? I think we’re struggling because we need a girl and a boy name (and a second name for each sex). That’s 4 freaking names to think of!! No wonder I keep putting it off.


I’ve been missing my mom recently, not sure why though. Maybe it’s because of the imminent birth of this baby and I remember how much she was there for me with the boys. I think this is affecting my blogging and why I’ve been so scarce around here. Let’s hope the good news we received will help with some of that block I put on my writing.

PS: I’ve started with driving lessons (yes eventually!!!!) and it’s going good apparently. I’m still shit scared to be on the road and I hope it doesn’t take too long for my confidence to get the boost it needs.


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0 thoughts on “School holidays almost over???

    • Kim Muller says:

      Thank you Jodie! I have been counting my blessings since the news and realise how grateful we should be. I know right?!?! Time is such a fickle little thing 😀

  1. Alicia Dick says:

    Well done for starting the driving lessons! The confidence will come with time and practise. I remember when I got my licence and each time I had to drive I died a little bit inside… but then before I knew it I had gained confidence and wasn’t scared anymore. I always tell people if I can do it then so can you. I will keep my fingers crossed that you keep on going… Congratulations to Mark on his new job!

    • Kim Muller says:

      Thank you for the comment on the confidence thing. I am struggling so hard with this. The anxiety and nerves I have before each lesson is enough to make me cancel each time. But I don’t! I soldier on and flaunt my big girl panties 😀 Will keep you posted on when I get my licence 🙂

  2. Mommy1234 says:

    Gorgeous baby bump you have there! Driving is nerve wrecking, but the freedom it brings is just about incomparable. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

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