Rouge Day Spa Competition Win

I recently won lash extensions via Inspired Living at Rouge Day Spa.  I eventually went on Saturday and all I can is “”THEY ARE AMAZING!!”

Walking in at Rouge Day Spa, you will immediately feel relaxed. They had this wonderful soft music playing and the décor was really wonderful. I was introduced to my therapist and taken to the treatment room. I was put under a blanket, a heater was going and some calm, relaxing music was playing.

I was warm, I was comfortable, and I was relaxed. The therapist started attaching the lash extensions. It was a little uncomfortable at first but I eventually got used to it and didn’t have such a bad time with it. For me, the only uncomfortable part was near the end. I was getting tired of keeping my eyes closed and just wanted to open them to make sure that I still could. The therapist eventually told me I could open my eyes. There was a bit of stinging and a tiny bit of tears and then I was fine. She brought the mirror round so I could see and O.M.G!!!! I freaking loved it!!! I couldn’t stop smiling as I walked out of there.


For me, the very best part of the lash extensions is that I don’t have to put on any mascara. I would definitely recommend Rouge Day Spa for lash extensions. Now to try one of their other treatments. Maybe an awesome massage for my upcoming birthday would be in order.


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