Review: Childs Farm

Ethan has always had skin issues. Mostly some form of eczema and we’ve been treating it since he was a few months old. From good old Epimax, to Advantan and some more ointments I can’t even pronounce.

In March, I was sent something that claimed to be specially designed for all skin types, and is dermatologist- and paediatrician-approved for use on sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Childs Farm, the UK’s fastest growing baby and child toiletries brand, has recently launched in South Africa.

We’ve been testing it on the kids for the last 2 months. Firstly, and I’m sure this is the one thing everyone who uses it says, the fragrance of all the products in the range is amazing! I haven’t smelt anything like it in any other baby/child product on the market. The products don’t contain any parabens, SLSs, mineral oils or artificial colours and the majority contain over 98% (by volume) naturally derived ingredients.

I haven’t seen a remarkable improvement in Ethan’s skin but it also hasn’t gotten any worse, so it looks like the Childs Farm products can be used on eczema prone skin without harming your baby’s skin. Harper’s skin is silky soft after using the bath wash and the bubble bath is nice and foamy, with the scent lingering long after. The shampoo cleans well and leaves the kids’ hair nice and soft. I’m a little bit let down by the baby moisturizer as it leaves a bit of an oily sheen after application and seems to dry my skin out. But the bubble bath!?!? Gosh, it makes a lot of foam (which the kids love) and it also scented. Bathtime nowadays smells like a fruit salad on steroids in our home lol. We’ve haven’t tried their 3-in-1 Swim yet but I’ve heard others say that it’s just as amazing as the other products.

All in all, we’ve had a good experience and would definitely continue to use the Childs Farm products.

Childs Farm products are currently available in Baby City, Clicks stores and via Prices range from R99 to R119.99, with a range of over 15 different products to choose from.

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