Prayers for a missing child

I’m sitting at work, looking out the window at a cloudy Table Mountain, trying to think of something to write. My mind just keeps turning to the following, though:

  1. leaving work as soon as possible
  2. my hair appointment I have tomorrow (I can’t wait, it’s been more than a year since I’ve last been)
  3. thinking about the kids and the crazy things Matthew has said recently
  4. my collegue who’s 16 year old son went missing last night and who she hasn’t heard from

Apparently, they had a bit of a fall out on Wednesday evening. These things happen, I know. Yesterday morning, she got up, got things ready for him for school and watched as he left the house. He must have double-backed and returned home. And then he left. He just left. No note, no word from his friends, nothing from the school. The police have no answers. It’s terrible people. As a mom, I can’t even imagine the worry and the thoughts that are going through her mind.

She is a single mom and I’m sure she’s doing a damn good job at it. I know it’s not easy to raise a child alone, as I see my sister doing it. At least she has a friend with her at home to keep her company while she waits for word from/about her son.

I can’t imagine it, you guys. After being on the streets the whole night, looking for your son who ran away from home. Worrying about him. Thinking of all the terrible, horrible things that could happen to him. Having no luck with the police and just doing your best to calm your fears and keep busy. After exhausting all possibilities that you can think of at 4 in the morning, how do you go home and sleep not knowing where your child is sleeping? If he’s warm, if he’s eaten something, if he’s safe?

Please can I ask that you keep this mommy in your thoughts and prayers that her boy comes home soon unharmed. That she will be able to hold him and kiss him before her birthday tomorrow.

……I babbled a bit above and it’s mostly jumbled but I can’t get my thoughts together enough to think properly. I just want to go home and hug my boys tight and say another prayer for my colleague……

UPDATE: My colleague’s son came home on Friday night around 8:30 pm. Thank God! Still haven’t heard where he was or what happened to him. Just glad he came home safely!

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