Past, Present, Future

I love the idea of doing the ‘Currently’ post that Cindy from 3Kids2Dogsand1oldHouse does. But I haven’t asked yet if I can use her idea and would rather do something similar. I’m going with “Past, Present, Future” to fill everyone in.


Mark has discovered a new pastime, fishing. His dad is very into it and asked that we take him fishing this past Saturday. While there, watching his dad, Mark must have caught the bug or something because he stopped at the closest fish and tackle shop and bought himself a fishing rod and reel. Well, he bought one for himself and one for Matthew. Matthew loves it! But he doesn’t know how to use his rod yet and just loves to reel the line in. I see many days on the beach in our future and I look forward to it.


I’m sitting in bed writing this after having my gallbladder removed 2 days ago. I went to the doctor about the pain I had last Thursday. He sent me for an ultrasound on Friday and booked me for surgery on Tuesday. Everything happened so quickly and now it’s over. I’m glad that the pain of before will be no more but the pain I’m in at the moment, there’s nothing like it. I can’t pick Ethan up and he can’t understand it. I think that is the worst part of this whole ordeal. Oh well, recovery shouldn’t take too long and I’ll be back to my normal self soon.


It’s our 6th wedding anniversary on Saturday. Mark is looking for a place (last minute) to book for this weekend. He wants to go somewhere close to the beach. So Saldanha, Langebaan, Paternoster, etc. I’m hoping he comes right, as it will mean time away from home, special time with my family and a way to celebrate our anniversary. Even if I will just be sitting or lying around because of the pain I’m in, it’s an excuse to read my book (something I haven’t done in a very long time).


I’m looking forward to putting up our Christmas tree this weekend and seeing the wonder and awe in my children when the elf comes to visit.

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