Parenting is hard

Parenting is hard. Like really hard. Like hard AF! They don’t tell you how hard it can be when you’re pregnant, or when you’re in hospital recovering from birth and ogling your new baby. But from the day you bring that brand spanking new baby home, through those first 8 weeks, the first year, toddlerhood, school years, teenage years, I’m sure until your kids themselves are old and grey, parenting is hard.

Is the spit up too much or is that normal for a newborn? Should he breathe like that when he sleeps?

Is it too soon to start solids? When should my baby start sleeping through? Will he ever sleep through?

Why doesn’t my toddler listen to me when I talk? Is it normal for him not to eat? Will he ever sleep through?

Is this not too much homework? Where did he lose his school jacket now?

I hope he doesn’t fall in with the wrong crowd? Will his hard work be enough to get him good grades?

Is he happy? Does he have enough? When will he come visit me?

Ok so the last few lines I have no clue about yet, but I figured that’s what I would be thinking when my boys hit those stages in their lives. But you know, as hard as parenting is (and it’s hard AF) there are the wonderful, crazy, amazing, fantastic moments!

Ooh he smiled for the first time (and it’s not a gassy smile!).

I just love how he holds my cheek when he’s laying in my arms. And those slobbery kisses!!

He said “I love you” to me out of the blue! He can say “please” and “thank you” on his own! He gives the best hugs!

I love watching him sleep.

I love how he feels comfortable enough to come talk to us about anything!

Ooh he brought the grandchildren!

LOL for that last one though!

I love being a parent. But there are moments where I question if I made the right decision to have children. Those moments are so few and get overridden so quickly by a belly laugh from my 1 year old and a big bear hug and an “I love you Mommy” from my 4 year old.



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0 thoughts on “Parenting is hard

  1. jessicaviljoen says:

    Ah this is a wonderful post Kim. So true that it’s so hard, and it won’t ever get easier! Just as we think we’re the master of the stage they’re in, they move on to the next phase!!
    Hehe so cute @ the grandchildren thought, aaaw!

    • Kim Muller says:

      Oh so true about moving into the next phase just when we think we’ve got things covered! Couldn’t resist the grandkids thought LOL! Thanks for commenting Jess!

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