Our Christmas Wishlists

It’s my favourite time of the year and the magic is real in our home. It’s also a kinda crappy time now because we’re still missing my mom and finances could be a whole lot better. So to cheer myself up (or torture myself with the things I can’t afford to buy) I thought I’d share some of the things on our Christmas wishlists.


This child has so many things on his wishlist that he wants Santa to bring him. I’ll try to keep it to just 5 things.

  1. All the Nerf guns. As in he went through the Toys R Us catalogue and ticked off every single gun
  2. A spiderman costume. And not those cheapish looking ones either. I am going to get this for him for doing so well at school
  3. A Barbie Dolphin Magic-Transforming Mermaid Doll
  4. 2 x swords and 2 shields
  5. A Ben 10 watch

Matthew list


I have no idea what’s on Ethan’s wishlist. Seems that every time Matthew likes something, he likes it too. But I’ve managed to ask Matthew to help me with a few things he thinks Ethan would like.

  1. A Paw Patrol Look-Out Playset
  2. A PJ Masks HQ Playset
  3. Ethan loves building blocks, so this Lego Duplo All in One Box of Fun will go down a treat
  4. Any superhero figurine – Justice League, Avengers, etc

Ethan list


Harper is a bit too small to know what she wants but I sure do know what I would like to get her

  1. A Sophie la Girafe chew toy for those teething days
  2. An Ubuntu Baba Stage 1 carrier to make this mommy’s life a little easier by having my hands free
  3. A Doona car seat because I think it’s an amazing product
  4. Baby Bullet for homemade pureed food when we start solids

Harper list


I struggle so badly to buy any gift for Mark. He appreciates anything, even a pair of socks, so I asked him what he would like and this is his list.

  1. A pair of Oakley sunglasses – I don’t which one he likes so I’d go with a voucher
  2. A set of rims for his car
  3. A turbo
  4. Shoes
  5. Car stuff
  6. A PlayStation 4

Mark list

That last one I added for the both of us lol because we need some time to just space out too.


There are so many pricey things I want, I wish I could just win the Lotto

  1. A new lounge suite – our one has seen better days with the boys climbing and jumping all over it
  2. A new fridge with a water dispenser
  3. Spa, hair, nail, eyebrow vouchers – because I never get time to do this myself (mind you, if I do get vouchers, it will then be a struggle to find the time to go redeem those vouchers)
  4. A tattoo voucher – I so badly want to get a tattoo in honor of my mother but you know, finances and all….
  5. The biggest thing I want is for us to find a house that ticks all our boxes within our budget (we’ve been looking since February 2016)

Kim list

These are only things we wish we could afford for our children and ourselves. At the end of the day, it’s Christmas and the only thing I really want is for us to be happy, our children to be kind to others, and for us all to love one another (sounds like a Hallmark postcard lol).

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