No! Don’t! Stop!

No! Stop that! Don’t do that! Get off there! Leave it alone! Please stop fighting with your brother! Climb down from there!

Man, I am so over shouting these words. It seems like it’s all I say to my kids lately. No! Don’t! Stop! Every 10 minutes it’s always one of the above. I feel like Matthew probably thinks we don’t love him because we’re always shouting at him and we’re always stopping him from doing something fun.

Is it always like this? Will it get better? Will they eventually start listening! Knowing what is right and what is wrong?  I am just tired of being a “policeman” and fighting with my kids. I want to enjoy them and the time we are together. I am so sorry I am always shouting at you to stop doing the dangerous things or the things that could potentially hurt you or your brother. I love you, always remember that!



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