Nappy Bag Essentials ~~WIN~~

I am no expert but I think with 3 kids, I’ve gotten the hang of packing a nappy bag. We don’t always get it right and  sometimes forget essentials (like wet wipes) but we’ve finally gotten to a point where we can pack a bag for 3 kids for a day outing without feeling like I’m carrying a mountain on my shoulder. Here’s my list of nappy bag essentials.

A good nappy bag
I’m currently swapping between my Lou Harvey bag and the Dischem baby bag I received last year. They’re both super easy to clean using a damp cloth and the Lou Harvey bag is waterproof, which I love.

Changing mat 
Both bags comes with a changing mat but if yours doesn’t, you can get this super cute fold up one from Clicks or this one from Carriwell.

I normally pack in 5 nappies now but when Harper was younger, I used to pack in about 10 and hope that she didn’t decide to have one of those days where she pooped every 10 minutes.

Wet wipes
Most important item on this list. We use the Baby Dove wipes for everything from nappy changes to wiping Ethan’s sticky hands or Matthew’s dirty face. These wipes are amazing because unlike most wipes, the Baby Dove ones come out one by one. They’re soft and durable and can withstand Harper pulling and chewing them without tearing. Plus they have a great scent and are not too wet.

Bum cream
I pack the Baby Dove nappy cream in our bag as well as the Sudocrem Healing Cream. I’ll use the Baby Dove nappy cream with every change as it’s gentle enough for everyday use. I also love the rounded edge because Harper like to chew on it and I can leave her to it without worrying that she’ll cut her mouth with sharp edges. I use the Sudocrem when I see her little bum is starting to get a bit red.

Plastic bags (nappy sacks)
we use these for those dirty nappies that you don’t really want to put back into the bag when there’s no bin around. We also use it for any soiled clothing (think poonami or heavy spit up). Lifesavers! We are currently using these Baby Things Nappy Bags.

Cloth diaper or burp towels
we use those old school white cloth nappies for wiping Harper’s mouth after she’s drank her bottle (oh and her neck – like how does it always end up there) and for wiping her nose.

Spare outfit
Very NB. you never know when your baby is gonna have a blowout, spit up (or vom) majorly, or just start stinking from all that milk that ran down her neck (oh just my baby then). We normally do a vest, a grower, and a jersey/jacket (obviously all weather dependent).

Bottle and formula if you’re formula feeding
I would fill Harper’s milk bottle with the amount of cooled boiled water and get more wherever we are. Don’t be afraid to ask a restaurant for boiled water, they make coffee right? So they should have boiled water. We also use these formula dispensers to store her formula in the bag. Making it easier to just pour it over into the bottle without having to measure the correct quantities out.

Nursing cover or lightweight blanket if you’re breastfeeding
Oh my goodness, there are so many gorgeous nursing covers out there. When I was breastfeeding, I used my Aiden and Anais muslin blanket (as it’s very lightweight) or our old school white cloth nappy to cover up.

Spare dummy
If your baby is using one. Those little buggers have the know-how to get lost at the most inopportune time. A spare will save you from crazy stares and it’s small, so it won’t take up a lot of space in your bag.

Hand sanitiser
For those times when you can’t wash your hands, or your toddler touched the toilet seat when you took him to the loo and hand washing just won’t cut it. You get those mini’s that take up the tiniest bit of space.

Sun hat and beanie
Just in case it’s needed.

Muslin wrap or blanket
Muslin wraps can also be used over the pram when your bub has a snooze, a burp cloth, a change mat and as a feeding cover if you are breast feeding. I mentioned I used mine as a breastfeeding cover earlier. But it has so many uses!

First aid kit
We have a small one I got from Clicks that has a few plasters, an antiseptic ointment and some bandages for those inevitable scrapes and bruises.

Snack and juice bottle for toddler and other kids
Because they never want to eat when we’re out and always look for THEIR juice bottle or a packet of cheddars or a yogurt.

My purse and sunglasses
These are also put into the nappy bag because I really can’t be farted to walk around with 2 bags. I also have a mini makeup bag that has a lipgloss, a pad, a tampon and one of those sample perfumes in it.

Small toy
Our Sophie goes everywhere with Harper. Then I have 2 or 3 cars for the boys as well.

Sunblock spray
We use the spray from Nivea. It goes on quickly, leaves no greasy residue and you don’t have to rub it in.

Panado syrup/Nurofen
I try to always have these medicines in our bag because either Ethan will fall and knock his head, or Matthew will complain something is sore, or Harper will start to feel feverish. Just remember the syringe as well.

There you have it. Our nappy bag essentials for 3 kids. I’m surprised they all fit into the bag lol. And there was still loads of space for perhaps an extra jacket for each of the boys.

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4 thoughts on “Nappy Bag Essentials ~~WIN~~

  1. helen77 says:

    So glad I’m not in the “nappy bag” stage anymore. I used to have a basket in the car filled with all of these things. I figured why must a carry a bag around when I can be hands free and just pop out if need be. Saying that though, my current handbag still has wetwipes in it and our cars have medi-kits with the essentials.

    • Kim Muller says:

      I also always have wet wipes on me. Sometimes, when I don’t feel like lugging our nappy bag around, I just chuck a nappy and wet wipes into my handbag lol

  2. Ashleigh says:

    Kim, I’m sure this your list will help me out big time being a first time mom. I have already been thinking if the baby bag I bought is going to be big enough, but you have assured me that it will be (unless I fill it with unnecessary items).

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