My tired is tired

Hi everyone!!! (Or at least to the 1 person who actually reads my blog lol.) I won’t go into why I haven’t been here for a while (again) but I missed this little space of mine and I’m hoping things will get back to normal soon and you’ll continue to follow along.

A little update

The Car

We still don’t have our car back. The panelbeaters took forever to find parts and then the assessor took forever to approve the quote because the parts costs were way over their budget. But eventually everything was approved and the reparation commenced. However, it’s going to be another few weeks before we get the car back because one of the parts are only available in 3 weeks and then they must still spray the car. Ai,I just wish I could let an adultier adult deal with this mess.

The Kids
The children are mostly okay. They’re still alive and I still love them, so I guess we’re doing great!
Matthew is at holiday car for the first 2 weeks of the holidays (I’ll take the last week off from work and spend it at home with him.
Ethan is having trouble staying in his bed at night. We have to fight with him for an hour every damn night to get him to fall asleep. And then he wakes up during the night and migrates to our bed.
Harper is also having some trouble with sleep. She wakes and cries and thrashes like it’s no ones business at freaking 3am and nothing we do can console her. She decides when she’s done. No amount of holding, shushing, bottle offering or pacing will change her mind until she’s ready. So young and so headstrong already, heaven help me.

The Parents
Mark seems to have made peace with the fact that he’ll get his car when he gets it. Guess he realised that no matter how much he stresses about it, it’s not going to make the car come home sooner.
I am just so fucking tired. Gosh, I don’t remember being this tired when the boys were babies. I can’t seem to function mentally and my eating is all over the place. Guys, I have picked up all the weight I lost during my pregnancy and then some. I have 5 hours broken sleep every night, wake up tired (or rather I get screamed at till I wake), and then I sit at work the whole day and eat to stay awake. I just can’t do this to myself anymore. Goodness, I need to make a change and I need to make it soon!

Urgh, I hate that my blog posts are typically moan sessions lately but that’s my life at the moment. Any tips for this mom to combat the tiredness enough to make a concerted effort to tidy the house, nevermind any tips to combat the weight gain and starting a healthier lifestyle? 

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