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When was the last time you were at the hair salon? I can tell you that I haven’t been since before Ethan was born, probably around a year and half ago. That was, until last Saturday when I went to Style Bar in Tygervalley.

My hair was long, scraggly, had enough split ends to resemble a mop that had its days. I didn’t want to cut my hair very short, wait I did want it short because I was so tired of dealing with the long hair. No wait, I like my long hair, it’s so much easier to manage. But you’re tired of dealing with the long hair. Oh shut up!

Ok so we’re doing this! I am going to cut my long hair. Hopefully the stylist will be able to assist with styling my hair into a good cut for my face shape. Now to find a salon?!? The places I’ve been to before all had negative aspects. The shampooer/washer was too vigorous (I have a sensitive scalp and get sore quickly). The stylist was too scissor-happy. The vibe of the salon is not my style. There is always something. I saw a review on one of the blogs I follow about Style Bar. Actually, I think there were a few reviews about them and I decided to give them a try.

Now as a mom of 2 kids under 5, I had to rope in my husband to ensure he knew he had to deal with both kids for a few hours. It just had to be that my eldest also had to have his hair cut and we made an appointment for him with Kid Station (more on them in another post) for the same day. So Mark and the boys had something to do to occupy themselves while I was getting my hair did. I also had my sister go with me to have her hair done as well. I mean it’s always better to have a girl’s day with another girl, right.

We arrived at Tygervalley Mall and I couldn’t for the life of me think where Style Bar was. I eventually tracked down the mall enquiries station and learned that they are next to Mr Price clothing store. We eventually made it to our appointment and now I can relax. Or wait, no. No!!! Ethan doesn’t want to go with Mark. He’s crying. Wait, now he’s screaming. Just leave him. I’ll manage somehow with him on my lap while I have some “me time”. Man, oh man, the things we do.

I freaking love Style Bar people!!! The shampooer/washer was amazing. My sister and I both received head massages (although hers was a lot (A LOT) longer than my massage). Both stylists were knowledgeable and were able to advise me on a style to frame my face and give definition. The vibe is great. The atmosphere is relaxing. And you guys, they even came to help me with Ethan!!! The one girl came to ask if she can take him off my hands for a little while, seeing as he was getting a little antsy at that time. Now I know, giving my child off to a complete stranger may make me a bad parent but I felt good about the place and the people. My stylist was also very patient and accommodating with Ethan and myself. They are also very reasonably priced.

Before and after

Before and after


Hahaha weird face pulling – not trying to pout


Healthy, shiny hair courtesy of @stylebar

So go, go now. Make an appointment and go see them for yourself!

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Disclaimer – this post was not sponsored. I had such a lovely experience that I thought I would give my review and encourage everyone I know to spoil themselves as well.

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