My morning

*Caution – contains talk of poop and vomit*

The alarm goes, I stretch to put it on snooze, only to realise that I’ve used my last snooze already. Crap, need to seriously get out of bed now. How many times did Ethan wake up last night? Why did he wake so many times? He was coughing, I hope he’s not getting sick again, we’ve only just come through the croup thing.

Okay okay I’m up, let’s just check on the boys before I go to the bathroom. Oi, Ethan slept without the covers again. Love how Matthew sleeps like a starfish. Is Ethan’s eyes open? Oh you’re awake! Why didn’t you call Mommy? What is that smell? Did you poop in your sleep? Why did you poop in your sleep? You normally wait until you’re awake. Let’s put the light on and change your nappy quickly.

Oh hell no!!!! When did this happen?!?!?! Shit! Mark, I need your help please! Ethan threw up all over himself and he’s lying in it!! It’s okay baby, Mommy will clean you up. Into the bath with you. I’m sorry baby, I need to take off your grower, crap there’s vomit all over your face and hair now. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Yay! All cleaned up! How much time passed? I need to get done for work. I hope it’s the coughing that caused the vomit. Oh Mark, why didn’t you clean out the cot? Oh YOU can’t stand the smell so early in the morning? It’s fine, I’ll do it. I need to get done. Why did he throw up? Must I give him medicine? Bye Mark! Say bye to your daddy boys.

Ethan, Mommy is just busy with her hair, I’ll be with you in a second. No! Wait! Stop please don’t move. Okay baby it’s okay. Don’t walk in the vomit!! Why is he throwing up? Is it the coughing? Please tell me it’s not gastro. Okay, if he vomits again before we leave, I’m staying at home.

Shew, no more vomit. Now I can finish off the pressing things on my desk in case the crèche phones and I have to fetch him. I can’t stop feeling guilty for sending him to crèche but what is a working mom to do? If the crèche isn’t phoning then it can’t be all that bad, right?

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0 thoughts on “My morning

    • Kim Muller says:

      Thanks catjuggles. I didn’t get a call from the creche so I’m assuming he was okay. I only see him around 6pm when I get home from work to judge for myself

  1. luchae says:

    Oh gosh! lol I had to chuckle a bit at that 🙂 Sending lots of positivity and unicorns and gold stars and rainbows and shiz like that, your way

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