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Shopping online has evolved so much in the last few years, did you know that the first item sold online was a Sting album – Ten Summoner’s Tales in 1994. There was a time we were too scared to purchase anything online, for fear of fraudulent activities on our credit cards, or we’d end up losing our money or not getting the items we bought. Some of us were even too scared to log into our online banking accounts. I’ve spent so much money buying things online, from clothing for the kids, birthday presents for loved ones, home ware, etc.

I shop at most of the well-known online stores but only recently found out that has kiddies shoes. I was as excited as my boys would be if they were to see the entire Paw Patrol squad. I’ve browsed through their selection and here are a few of my favorites.

Kids Chuck Taylor All Star

Matthew will freak out if he must see this! He’s into this whole camo thing lately (no idea where it came from) and every second item of clothing we buy, needs to have this camo print on it. I need to keep these out of his sight. Plus it’s Converse, which is my favourite brand of sneakers.

Kids Superstar 360

Ethan is not a fan of laces, so these slip-on Adidas is just perfect. They have a similar print to the camo, so he won’t feel left out but is dark enough to hide all the dirt he’s bound to pick up.

Clark – Shooshoos sells Shooshoos!! Guys, I’m sorry to shout that out like that but I love Shooshoos and how cute is this white and gold pair? (Can you tell I’m excited that I get to buy girls shoes?) Gosh, this speaks to the diva in me.

Kids superstar 360

I wish I could get a pair of these in my size. Have you never wanted to twin with your kid? Only me then? I love these so much, it’s crazy and can’t wait to get Harper a pair. I think she will look so freaking cute in it!

Infants superstar 360

Clearly I have a thing for Adidas Superstar. I just love these shoes. I also love that it comes in girls, boys, baby girls and baby boys sizes. So the whole family can rock these awesome sneakers!

Gosh, I am a sneaker head apparently. I’m also one for a decent app, as I’m on my phone 80% of the day and don’t always get to shop on my pc. So I thought I’d let you know how amazing the app is. 

It’s easy to navigate, has all the items on the app that is on their website and the best part? You can get R250 off your first buy with a minimum spend of R600. You can download the app for Android phones here or for iOS here. You’re welcome.

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