My Christmas Wishlist

Every year, I tell myself I’m going to work on my Christmas wishlist from the beginning of the new year. To make a note and save items I like. Then I get to November and I can’t remember what those websites were or where I saved the items I liked.

I made a list of my current likes and wants featuring a lot of local suppliers. Let me know what you think. Perhaps there’s something here one of your loved ones would like.

Plant Baskets from Basketly 
I am obsessed with plants and baskets at the moment. Even though I only currently have 1 monstera plant, I am going to grow my collection. I need baskets to make them look prettier that the terracotta pots I currently own. These baskets below are on my wishlist.


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Plants from Greenery
As I mentioned above, I want to grow my plant collection.


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And ones from Plantify 

A Plant Subscription – Here’s one to Saffron’s Garden
Again, more plants…


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A Portrait Photoshoot with Shante Hutton Photography
We have had a few photoshoots with Shante. She makes us all feel comfortable and is definitely my go to photographer at the moment. She’s lovely with the kids and can somehow make husbands/significant others warm up to the camera (or at least make it seem like they did lol). I’d love a portrait photoshoot because I need photos for my website and I just want to feel like “not-a-mom” for an hour lol

A Gin Box Subscription
Gin is my favourite drink at the moment and I’ve always wanted a subscription like this. Even any bottle of quality gin would do lol


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A Spa Day – Life Day Spa
The spa day should include a pedicure, a manicure, a few massages and someone to accompany me.

Collagen – The Harvest Table
I started using collagen a few months ago because of a few reviews I’ve seen online. Totally influenced by a few ladies lol. It made my nails stronger and helped immensely with my hip pain. I didn’t see much difference in my hair loss or growth but just the fact that my nails are stronger is why I want to keep using it.

I see they also have an advent calendar available. Who doesn’t love advent calendars?!?!?!

I also wouldn’t mind clothing store vouchers, makeup, photo frames, a home stylist, baking goodies, a babysitting voucher.

Do you have anything on your wishlist? See something you like?

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