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I’m pregnant.

Yip, I’m almost 8 weeks along (almost 2 months for those that don’t feel like doing the math) and I’m excited, scared, happy, terrified, ecstatic and just basically feeling all the feels.

I’m also a little sad that my mom isn’t here to share in my news. My dad was happy for us. My in-laws too (especially my mother in law) but my own mom would’ve probably just shaken her head at us for getting into this situation (we’re having our third child!!!) but then she would’ve started getting excited and working on my nerves with all the pregnancy links, watching what I eat, how much I was moving, etc. As much as it irritated me when I was pregnant with Matthew and Ethan, I’m already missing it with this pregnancy.

So far, I haven’t had any major symptoms. Mostly just bouts of nausea and if Couvade syndrome (also called sympathetic pregnancy) is a real thing, then I’m all good! Mark seems a lot more emotional and exhausted nowadays and my sister is eating all the things (yay for me!).

I’m due on my birthday, which I’m excited about. And I only see my doctor for the first appointment end of March. I’m looking forward to this pregnancy and sharing my journey with you all.


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22 thoughts on “Muller Kids News

  1. mommabeartrax says:

    Congrats again darling! To you and the whole fam!
    And yes, I feel you on that void of a parent who is not with you to celebrate the new blessing in the family.
    Although I think its very different when its your mom. I cannot even begin to imagine having kids without my own mom there. All the love and hugs to you! Xxx
    Cannot wait to watch your journey unfold.

    • Kim Muller says:

      Awww thanks Tracey. It’s hard and there’ve been a few moments when I just wanted my mom. But my mother in law is just amazing and fills a bit of that void for me.

    • Kim Muller says:

      Thanks Charlene! I figured there would a few people that would guess but hoped no one would say anything 😀 Really appreciate the time you took to comment.

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