Mega Bite Shark – Fisherprice Toy Review

We received the Imaginext Mega Bite Shark to review. This is a Fisher Price product and you all know how much I love Fisher Price. It’s durable, long-lasting and fun for kids.

First Impressions
Ethan went absolutely gaga over this shark. I mean it’s a shark! It comes with a diver, his gear and a diving cage. The shark has wheels that when rolled, it’s head and tail swing from side to side.

Just like a real great white shark (or Megalodon as Matthew insists I call it) would do in the ocean. It has a power pad on his back where the diver can stand and if pushed down, the shark’s mouth opens and closes, in a chomping motion. You can open the mouth, swallow the diver and retrieve him to start all over again.

It’s big, it’s fierce, and it can swallow scuba divers whole It’s the Imaginext® Mega Bite Shark™! Kids can create awesome underwater adventures with this roll-along toy shark, which features realistic swimming motion and super-cool chomping action. See the shark open up and ‘swallow’ the scuba diver, then retrieve the figure from the door in the back! Imaginext® Imagine What’s Next!™

The shark can look a bit scary for the little ones with his sharp looking teeth. But Imaginext made this product so well that if little fingers do decide to explore the inside of the shark’s mouth, the top teeth retracts into his jaw so their fingers are safe from harm.

There are a few different sets available in this range and are available at Takealot. All sets are interchangeable and long-lasting.

Disclaimer: We received the product to review but all thoughts are our own. 

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