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Raise your hand if you’ve never judged anyone. Is your hand raised? Then I seriously need to ask how you manage to do that. We have all judged someone at least once in our life.

“She could’ve worn a more flattering pants”

“That dude’s muscles is way too big”

“Can that woman not control her children”

I keep asking myself why we judge others. Why we feel the need to do this when we aren’t flawless. I have made so many mistakes and did so many things wrong where my kids are concerned especially, that I fail to understand how even I can judge others. Is it in our DNA? Is it a type of social peer pressure?

We judge moms that let their kids out of their sight for 2 seconds. We all know how fast a toddler moves.

We judge moms that breastfeed/formula feed. Who cares, as long as the baby is being fed.

We judge moms that are stay at home moms/work from home moms/working moms. All these moms feel guilty about something.

We judge, we judge, we judge!

Can it just stop now!

We are ALL doing the best for our kids. We shouldn’t be scared to show others that we’re failing at something. As women, we should be doing our best to uplift and help other women. I know I would love it if any of my friends in my circle would know that I’m struggling to get my children to eat anything other than bread with cold meat/peanut butter on it. And then give me suggestions of what might work, or bring a mini meal of what their kids are eating for my kids to try, instead of me wasting a whole lot of food on the terrors. Life isn’t always what we allow others to see on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat. Life is the mess the kids leave after throwing out a whole drawer of toys leaving you to pick it up. Life is the wasted food and the dirty dishes and the children that didn’t bath last night because they were throwing tantrums and you couldn’t wait for them to go sleep so you could have the last few drops of wine left in the bottle. Life is not making time for your partner, or only having 10 minutes for each other before you pass out.

Life is messy and brilliant. It’s fun and filled with so much cleaning up after other people. Life is being there for other people, showing compassion and giving a helping hand.

Stop judging others, please guys. It’s enough we’re hard on ourselves, we don’t need other people to bring us down as well.

How do you feel about this judgy culture that we’ve adopted?

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8 thoughts on “Judgey McJudgekins

  1. catjuggles says:

    I really try not to judge, especially i it is something I also do – gosh I struggle. But I did a huge long post of judging on parents that push their kids too hard just because I am so very tired of it and believe that they are actually harming their kids. Well maybe its not judging – but it can be seen that way.

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