It’s been a minute

It’s been a minute since I’ve written anything on this little ol’ blog of mine. Here’s a little catch up of what’s happened in the last month.

We had our Christmas Eve party for the kids and they loved it. With all the work that goes in to making this special for the kids, seeing their joy and wonder makes every late night worth it. The best for them was making the reindeer food and the boys were super excited to sprinkle their food in the yard that night. Other than that, the kids were blessed with some amazing gifts and we had a chilled, relaxed day with my dad and sister.

Looking up at the night sky to find Santa and the reindeer

The Reindeer Food Bar

School Year
The school year started off really well. No tears from anyone! That’s a big win for us. Matthew started Grade 2 this year and Ethan and Harper are back at the creche. Ethan is in Pre Grade R this year and they’re prepping him for Grade R. I met with Matthew’s teacher last night and I am very happy he is in her class. She seems passionate about her students and wanting the parents to work with her. I didn’t get this from his Grade 1 teacher. Here’s to a better school year than last year.

First day of school and Ethan has this new thing when I want to take a photo of them together

Ethan’s hand
For all those asking, Ethan’s hand has healed so nicely. He has a small little scar near his thumb but that is the extent of the damage at the moment. And I am hopeful that the scar will disappear soon too. I am very grateful for his medical team and the care they took of his injury. Things could’ve been so much worse, so I’m grateful that he’s healed as well as he has.

Remember this?

This is his hand now

Other news
In other news, we’ve been searching for our forever home for almost 3 years. On New Year’s day, we got the call to say that our offer was accepted!! I’m so excited, scared, anxious, and nervous about the next few months to finalise things and move our stuff. We’ve been on the look for so long, that it never seemed like it would be a reality. Now that it is, I don’t know where to start.

The year started amazingly for us and I choose to believe that it will only get better. That everything we put our minds to this year will result in a positive end. Last year was a hard one for us but we won’t be dwelling on the how’s and the why’s. Instead, we’ll be looking forward and staying positive.

Tomorrow is the third anniversary of my mom’s death. I’ve been feeling anxious and irritable the last while and I’m not sure if it’s because of the looming anniversary or something else. This time of the year is hard for us and I’m still not sure how to get through it. I need to put on a brave, smiley face for everyone but I really miss my mom.

It’s Matthew’s 8th birthday on Monday. 8!!?!?! I need to spend the weekend baking something special for him. He wants to go to Rush for his birthday, so that’s the plan for next weekend. I can’t believe I’m gonna be a mom for 8 years on Monday.

I’ve been struggling to come here and write. I have so much on my mind but it seems like the words don’t want to make it from my brain to my fingers. I think I’m worried about putting out content that you want to read. I’m worried that writing about my kids aren’t enough. We don’t live exciting lives or go to amazing places and writing about our normal weekends seems so… boring. So tell me, what would you like to see more from The Muller Kids?

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2 thoughts on “It’s been a minute

  1. Helen_77 says:

    Here’s to great school years for all the kids.
    I love the reindeer snack bar, excellent
    LOL at showing it back for photos. We want to see that little cherub.
    Wow, that hand healed really well. It must’ve been so scary.
    Awww, poor Mum. It think it’s ok to remember and actually feel a little irritated around that time. I bet you would have so many things to chat about.
    Hey, we want to read ALL content. Waffle on 🙂

    • Kim Muller says:

      And I want to show his cute face but he will only show his face in a photo if he’s alone in it 😀 silly sausage.
      I’m so grateful that his hand has healed the way it has. Really!
      I sometimes have these images in my head of how my mom would’ve been around the kids now. How she would’ve spoilt Harper. It’s sad but life goes on and I need to feel the feels right now and then move on.

      And Helen, thank you for you always commenting on my posts 😀

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