I don’t swear or say f$%k

DISCLAIMER – Just a heads up, profanity and strong language is used in this post.  I really hope you’re not very sensitive.

A lot.

I have a bit of a potty mouth, sure, but don’t tell me you haven’t stepped onto a piece of stray Lego and involuntarily had the word slip out of your mouth. Or burnt the onions while you had to wipe your potty training 2 year old’s bum (who wanted to do it himself).

Luckily for me, even with my potty mouth, the boys have repeated the “F” word once or twice and after being told that children don’t say that word, it stopped. Yes I know I’m being a hypocrite or a bad mom or whatever, but whatevs, it’s helped me get through some prickly (stepping on a Lego) moments and not so prickly (the kids are calling “MOOOOMMMMY” for the hundredth time) moments.


Yeah this post is going nowhere. I’m tired and sick and sick of being tired. I’m pregnant which means I can’t take anything stronger than a Panado and I told myself I wasn’t going to moan and complain dammit! Ethan slept like an octopus last night, work is driving me fucking bonkers and I miss sleep. My husband is being amazing (more than usual), the boys have super sweet moments which makes my mommy heart melt, and I won some Yummy Mummy Maternity clothing from Luchae’s blog (will post about this when I’m showing a bit more).

Confession – after giving up smoking for 3 years, gone through my mom’s death and funeral without a single cigarette, the nanosecond I fall pregnant, I crave a damn cigarette (I may or may not have given in to the craving).

Bad mom? Yeah big time. And you know what? I don’t really care. My children are happy, my marriage is amazing and our kids are learning valuable lessons from us. My life is not perfect (fuck, it’s not even getting any 5’s at the moment) but we’re happy and we’re healthy and we’re making the most of every day with each other.

Family pic

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6 thoughts on “I don’t swear or say f$%k

  1. debraaukett says:

    Definitely not a bad mom, Kim! Hell no! As long as a mom still cares I think she is a fucking wonderful mother 😉 (this mom has a potty mouth too)

    • Kim Muller says:

      Thanks Debra! Think I’m just feeling a bit down with this flu/sinus thing I have going on. Having a potty mouth isn’t all that bad 😀

  2. Shereen says:

    Hi Kim, I love that word. To be honest, that word gives me some satisfaction. Lol, I know it sounds weird but Ja, what the…..

    • Kim Muller says:

      Eish those cravings though. Thanks Charlotte, as parents, we always seem to damn ourselves and end up being hypocrites/assholes/dragons according to our kids or the ever present judgmental society out there.

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