Huggies® made this pregnancy a little more real

I am almost 11 weeks pregnant and I’ve started feeling pops and bubbles, which I am assuming is not gas but actually the baby moving. As this is my third pregnancy, I’m a lot more laid back than with my previous two. I’m not as stressed about getting a scan or finding out the sex of this baby, or even preparing anything just yet. My main focus is on the boys and seeing to their needs and wants.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been thinking about everything that needs to be done and how much of everything I still have. I’ve started thinking about the birth and what it would be like to hold a newborn baby again. Smelling baby skin, touching the baby’s soft skin, holding him or her and giving them their very first hug. I cannot wait!

I recently received a giftpack from Huggies® which was amazing and simply made me focus a bit on this baby, making it a little bit more real for me.


I was blown away by their generosity and I can’t wait to use the Huggies ® size 0 My First Nappy. I used it when Ethan was born and it’s amazing, especially for first time parents. It has a quilted triple absorption liner and an umbilical cord cut-out to help protect your baby’s new skin. The umbilical cord cut-out encourages healing and easy cleaning for new moms. Umbilical cord care is always a worry for most moms but with this feature moms can rest confidently that they are giving their babies the best. Huggies® My First Nappy also has fasten anywhere tabs to help provide a snug fit and a wetness indicator to show when it’s time to change. How awesome is that???

Then, once you and your little one are comfortable with one another and he or she is growing you can move onto the size 1 and 2 nappies. These nappies are tailored to babies changing needs and offers a special runny poo pocket to help prevent runny messes at the back of the nappy, double leak guards at the legs for leakage protection, a wetness indicator and a triple absorbent nappy core. The outer cover of the nappies also has a range of Baby Disney© Winnie the Pooh characters for mom and baby to enjoy.

Since Matthew’s birth, we always had some type of Huggies ® product in our midst, whether it was a disposable nappy or their wipes or the Little Swimmers nappies we used during summer months.

So thank you Huggies ® for giving this little bunny that’s arriving in October their very own Huggies ® hug.


Disclaimer: Huggies ® sent me the gift pack but I was not paid for this article. All opinions are my own and I wasn’t asked to write this post. I’m doing it as a thank you for what they sent for our baking baby.
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