How to choose the right photographer… For you.

Choosing the right photographer has a lot to do with your own aesthetic. How you want your photos to look. We’ve had many photoshoots as a family but the one I regret the most is our wedding photos. Our photographer was a friend of the family and I never looked at his portfolio. We ended up with images that lacked our own personality, none of the photos I wanted that was on my “list”, and 11 years later, we still don’t have a single wedding photo printed and framed.

Since then, I’ve had a boudoir photoshoot done, a maternity, newborn and several family photoshoots. Here are the lessons I’ve learned:

  1. Determine what style photos you like. Do you want moody photos? Photos that are bright and airy?
  2. Look at photographers’ websites and have a look at their photos. Each photographer has a different style and you need to find one that is in a style you prefer.
  3. Find a photographer you’re comfortable with. You need to be comfortable in front of the camera for amazing photos.
  4. Find out what the photographer offers. Some only offer online images, some offer photobooks and printed/framed works, some offer a USB or a certain amount of printed images.
  5. And lastly, work within your budget. If you love a photographer’s work but can’t afford their rates, please don’t ask for a discount. Photographers have very expensive equipment, work hard at their craft and spend many hours editing photos. Rather ask if they offer a payment plan. Or if they can refer another photographer that can do similar work but is within your budget.

Hope this helps you find the photographer for you. I think I’ve found my favourite photographer that suits my aesthetic/style and whom myself and my family are extremely comfortable around. Do you have a favourite?

Here is some of the work we had done in previous years. I’ll link the photographer’s website.

Engagement Photo Shoot With Natacha Wadsworth Photography


Maternity Photoshoot with Natacha Wadsworth Photography

Newborn photoshoot with Natacha Wadsworth Photography

Family Photoshoot with Natacha Wadsworth Photography

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