Hello world! Again!

So yes, this isn’t my first blog but I am hoping it will be my last. I have tried so hard to keep my previous blog up to date, but after Ethan’s birth I lost track and life got in the way.

I originally started my blog to capture memories of my pregnancy for me to look back on should I have more children. It then progressed to include updates of Matthew growing up. I must also mention, this is my personal blog space and I want to always look back and remember where we came from and how we moved past certain issues.

With this blog, I want to leave a space for my boys. A place they can come back to when they’re older (should they so wish to). A place where I can be myself and share what’s on my mind and in my heart. A place I don’t have to be afraid to show me….


I hope you follow us on our journey and the adventures of little boys.

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