Goodness Gang just got better

I’m an avid reader but I’ve been lax when it comes to reading to the boys. I always wanted (and still do) to share my love of reading with my children but life and time (and tiredness and and and). I’m either too tired or distracted or, more recently, busy with Harper. Even though I’ve been a terrible parent when it comes to reading to my kids, they still love books (YAY me!). You will often find them sitting paging through one of their many books. If it’s Matthew reading through his shark book or Ethan paging through a picture book and repeating all the pics, you’ll find them holed up in a corner somewhere.

So when I was contacted and sent these amazing stories about the Goodness Gang from Food Lover’s Market, I knew I just had to get on it and read it to them.


The Goodness Gang Bedtime Stories is a beautifully illustrated five-part, printable PDF (which includes a colouring picture in each book) available for download. The stories feature the Goodness Gang’s exciting trip from Fruitlandia to Food Lover’s Market to teach the boys and girls about healthy eating. Now my boys hate all veg and most fruit so I’m hoping these stories change their mind.

Capture 1

You have until Sunday, 26 November to redeem your plushies from Food Lover’s Market but you can still share the fun and adventure of the Goodness Gang with your kids with the bedtime stories.

You can download the series by going to the Food Lover’s Market website and sign up. It’s that easy.

Matthew’s favourite character is Sally Strawberry, probably because she’s red, and Ethan’s favourite is Benny Banana, because it’s his favourite fruit. They enjoyed colouring the pictures at the end of each chapter and I had to download more copies of the colouring pages for them.


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