Ethan’s first birthday

Ethan, today is your first birthday. It has been such a significant year for all of us. The day of your birth, although it wasn’t the happiest of births because of my doctor, it was one of my happiest moments. Hearing your cry for the first time a year ago brought a lump to my throat. Getting to eventually see you and touching your tiny fingers and toes is a moment I will never forget.


When your brother saw you for the first time, he didn’t want to know you. He was more interested in jumping on the bed and disturbing my neighbours in the ward. But he loves you so much now and can’t stop holding your hand when you are sitting by me, or kissing you on your head and hands. Everything out of his mouth is ‘my brother’ this and ‘my brother’ that. Don’t get me wrong, he hits you too, although I do reprimand him when I see him. I see many fights between you two in the future but I also see a massive love for each other.


Ethan, you are such a serious child. Hardly smiling for much but when we do get to hear your bubbly laugh we can’t get enough of it. Matthew goes crazy trying to keep you laughing. Your dad and I burst out laughing with you when you get going. You love music! And will bop to any tune you hear, even the one going on in your head. You love giving me kisses and recently learnt how to wave bye. We are still working on blowing kisses but we’re getting there.

You love to bath, just like Matthew. But your love for food is something we never saw in Matthew. Son, you are going to eat us out of house and home soon! You dislike getting dressed after your bath and will fall asleep soon after you’ve drank your milk bottle.


You are crazy in love with Matthew’s toy cars and if you hear him playing in your room, you hurl yourself out of our arms and speed crawl to his room to play with him. I love those moments.



Your Daddy, brother and I love you so very, very much. You are one amazing little kid (as well as your big brother) and your dad and I thank God every day for making us your parents.

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