Drivers Licence (or lack thereof)

How many 33 year olds do you know that do not have their drivers’ licence? Not many, I guess. Well, I am one of those people and not for lack of trying (well, not completely).

I have had my learners’ licence 4 times now. I have gone to pass out once and was so traumatised by that failure, that I haven’t been behind the wheel of a car since. It’s been 9 years….

I do want my licence, I’m just so blooming scared to get behind the wheel and drive. I have the blue form to make my learners appointment at home. It’s been filled in and just needs to be taken to the traffic department. I just can’t find the motivation this time.

I ride to work and home with my sister. My younger sister, yes I know. I get so worked up just being a passenger in the car that I fear how I will be if I was actually driving.

But I desperately want to drive myself. I want to be able to take the boys out when I want to and not rely on Mark to take us everywhere, especially when he doesn’t have lus (liss). I want to be able to go to work on my own without inconveniencing other people. I really just want to be able to drive.

How do I get over this fear? How do I find the courage to get behind the wheel of a car and not worry that anything bad is going to happen if I move it down the road?


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0 thoughts on “Drivers Licence (or lack thereof)

  1. Shelley says:

    Oh my goodness. I’m 35 and I can’t drive either…. I’m freaking terrified. My daughter will be one next month.. need to get over this fear before she starts school!

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