Dear Diary

Dear Diary is a little thing I used to do a while ago. It would be the safest way to let out my frustrations, anger, gratitude for people I won’t/don’t want to say it to face to face. It’s also a way of getting things off my chest that is bothering me.

Dear Daddy
Thank you for every single thing you do for us. Thank you for always being there and loving on your grandbabies the way you do. I know you miss Mommy, we do too, but you’re doing great. Please look after your health and that diabetes of yours. I love you!

Dear Fear
I’m getting really tired of being scared in my own home. I’m tired of every single groan and grunt of the house giving me heart palpitations. Please can you go now and leave me the hell alone?

Dear Universe
Please see my positive attitude and bring that positivity as something tangible into my life. New job, better salary, new opportunities, anything I’m asking for.

Dear Creativity
Where you at huh? It’s that time of the year where I need you. Halloween is coming up and then it’s Christmas. And this little blog and my Instagram page needs a little help too. Step up ‘kay.

Dear Insects and Varmin
Get out of my house, okay? I am moer tired of cleaning up after you and hearing you scurrying around at night. Oh and our security company is tired of calling us between 2am and 3am because you keep setting the alarm off #LeaveMyHouseMouse

Dear Weightloss
Come on and give me a break please! I’ve been eating better, cutting out a lot of the junk and you still fronting me? What am I doing wrong?

Dear Anxiety/Depression

Dear Bokke
You’ve got this guys!

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2 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. Helen_77 says:

    Dear Kim, I can totally understand your anxiety after the kind of break in you experienced. It was just a total invasion of your personal family space. Is there someone you can talk to about this? Someone to help get through the emotional side of things?
    We have critters in our ceiling. Don’t know if its pigeons, bats or mice. Everytime I go up the ladder to see I see squat, but something definitely up there.
    Have a blessed weekend Kim

    • Kim Muller says:

      I booked an appointment with a psychologist but I can’t remember what happened and I had to cancel. I think the appointment was for the day after our geyser burst and flooded our house. The money was better spent in fixing up the place. I need to make another appointment because I really can’t go on like this. Thank you for your comment. The damn mice is driving me insane lol 😀

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