I attended my very first #CTMeetUp on Saturday. Cindy did a fantastic job with organising this event and it went off without a hitch. Chinos Coffee House in Kenilworth is a quaint little coffee shop but with an open area and inviting interior. The staff was friendly and the food was beyond delicious, that lemon meringue tartlet I had was off the charts. There was wine, water, coffee, tea, wine – wait I mentioned that already ahem. Well, the wine was needed to fortify myself, but I’ll get to that in a bit.


Note the empty wine glass

We were treated to a neck or hand massage from one of the Rain Africa masseuses. I opted for a neck massage and my masseuse was amazing!


Tried to get my masseuse into the pic

We were able to chat to ladies from Philips Avent , IvoHealth, Rain Africa and The Entertainer about their products, some of which was included in the goodie bag that Cindy painstakingly packed for 40 plus ladies. To see who was all there, you can check out Cindy post.

To tell you that meeting the faces behind the blogs I’ve been reading for months (some years) was nerve wracking will be an understatement. I was a mess. One of the bloggers I met there, Garyn, asked me what the name of my blog was and I blanked out. I couldn’t remember if it was Muller Kids or Muller Boys. Goodness, how embarrassing! That was when I decided to get a glass of wine.

Meeting two people at the event was the highlight of my day – not taking away from everyone else I met that day. I kind of had stars in my eyes about meeting Cindy and it was like I was meeting a big celebrity (don’t judge me). Cindy is such a down to earth, bubbly person. She’s hilarious and fun to be around. She says it like it is and makes no apology for who she is. Mandy was another celeb type I was hoping would be there. My first impression of her was that she gives the best hugs. You guys, I would give anything to get another one right now. Mandy is the brainchild behind the #CarseatFullstop Campaign and I take my hat off to her for all she’s accomplished so far.

We had a guest speaker, Abigail, from Abigail K Photography. She is such an inspiration and if you check out her website, a brilliant photographer. She gave us tips on blogging and social interaction with our readers. There will a few changes to the look of my blog coming soon. I learnt so much, from making sure I update my About page and profile pic to ensuring I create my own library of photos so that I don’t end up using Google Images.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win one of the amazing giveaways Cindy was able to get for the event but there will be a few competitions coming up soon on the below blogs. Be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Tessa – Starting on Saturdays

Shelley – The Deal Is

Debbie –Live, Love, Blog

Leigh – The Mom Diaries

Chantelle – Mama and Me

Lisa – The Chornicles of Baby Cassidy

Nikki – Nikki and Nicholas 

Zayaan – Surviving The Madness

However, I did manage to get a photo with Cindy and Mandy!!!


I’ve realised that I seriously need to work on my social skills. I felt so awkward and inept. It seemed like my words wouldn’t come out of my mouth properly. How do I overcome this? I can fake being confident most days but when I’m in a group as big as this one was, the confidence takes a hike. Help!

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