Closer to Nature – the bottles and soothers we currently use

We’ve been using Tommee Tippee bottles since Ethan was born. He was combination fed breastmilk and formula with his Tommee Tippee bottles. We continued using TT when Ethan went off bottles by using their straw cups. Harper has also been on TT since birth and she has a sippy cup waiting for her when she’s ready. Tommee Tippee has now announced that their new¬† Closer To Nature Extra Slow Flow Bottle, ideal for newborn and preemie babies. I wish they had these when Ethan and Harper were tiny babies. The bottle’s super-sensitive Easi-Vent valve encourages your baby’s intuitive feeding action for comfortable, relaxed feeding. I think it’s an amazing innovative step for the brand that will help parents immensely in those first days with a newborn baby.

No need to worry if your baby is going to choke because the letdown of the bottle’s nipple is too fast. Or worry that because of the fast letdown, you now have to change baby after every feed because too much milk ran out of her mouth and into the folds of her neck and he grower/vest.

Oh let’s not forget the dummies/soothers. I would have lost my mind had it not been for our Tommee Tippee dummies, guys. Like seriously. Ethan was self soothing on my boob when he was a newborn. Do you know what that did to my poor nipps?? I am forever grateful to TT for being there to replace my boobs and helping Ethan (and now Harper) to sooth themselves. They now also have a new range available – the Newborn Soother and the Urban Soother.

The Newborn soother is specifically designed for smaller newborn mouths. The urban soother has a symmetrical orthodontic shape designed to support natural oral development. And there are such cool colours available! I love that maroonish one for Harper.

Did you use Tommee Tippee? What was your experience?

Harper with her Tommee Tippee dummy

My dummy is almost as big as my face lol

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