Superbalist Black Friday Showdown

Black Friday is on 29 November this year. I’m not one to set my alarm for midnight so that I am the first to get into the specials. But what I always do is put items in my wishlists year round. This way, I always have access to the things I like (also, I have a memory like a fish) and most retailers put discounts on items that are wishlisted often by customers.

To avoid disappointment this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, download the Superbalist app and start building a wishlist now. Come 29 November and 2 December, you can check all the items in your wishlist to see which ones have been discounted. I’m sure most items will be, especially with Superbalist.

Here are some of items I have on my wishlist:

For Mark

Jacket; joggers; cable box; shoes 

For the Kids

Backpack, swimming costume, dress, tracksuit

For the Home

Rug; bedding; basket 1; basket 2

For Me

Sneakers; nail polish, boots, jeans

Most of these items are already discounted, so I’ll be super lucky if they get a further discount this Black Friday! If you’re unlike me, set those alarms and get ready to shop.


Annie’s Baking Club *sponsored*

Do you love baking with your kids? Despite the mess that’s bound to happen. Despite them wanting to do everything themselves. Despite the nagging of when will it be done. I know I enjoy baking with Ethan (as he’s the only one that is willing to help out in the kitchen lol). When Tessa’s Bakery contacted me to test out their new baking kits I nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement and couldn’t wait to start.

There are 7 different types of baking kits available. Think unicorn, dinosaur, emoji and many more. The kits start at R195 and include everything you need to make baking memories with your child. They can be found at Annie’s Baking Club. They’re also launching a monthly subscription box in November. These are R295 each and I am so getting in on that!

We were sent the Marvellous Monsters Cupcake Kit. The kit includes the Vanilla Cupcake Mix, Buttercream Icing Mix, White Cupcake Cases, Monster Cupcake Wrappers, White, Black and Blue Sugar Paste, Tooth Picks, Green and Purple Gel Colours, Piping Bags, Grass Piping Nozzle. And to make your cupcakes at home, you need eggs, oil, butter, milk and vanilla essence (the usual ingredients for premixes I think).

The instructions are bright and kid friendly. The easy to follow step by step instructions made it so that Ethan could see what he needed to do next. We had so much fun playing with the sugar paste, although I had to remind myself to take a step back and let him do this on his own. I think the most tedious part was cutting out the monster cupcake wrappers lol.

He was so proud of his creation and couldn’t stop telling everyone about HIS cupcakes. I can’t wait to try every kit in the collection. It’s a wonderful way to involve the kids in the kitchen, spend some quality time with them and make wonderful memories.


Do your kids help out in the kitchen? Which kit do you think would be the first one you’ll try?

Barbie Baby


Before I fell pregnant with Harper, I used to dream about having a little girl (oh and please note that I love my boys completely). A little girl who’s hair I could braid, a little girl I could share manicures with, a little girl I could dress up. When the Barbie clothing first hit stores, I couldn’t wait for Harper to be just a little bigger so that she could fit into those clothes. Can you imagine my delight when I heard that Barbie Baby was launched?!?!

Little girls can start dreaming big earlier than ever, with the new range of Barbie Baby clothing range currently available in Ackermans. With Barbie there is no age limit. The message that You Can Be Anything should be broadcast to girls of all ages, as well as those who are responsible for shaping their dreams, constantly remaining each and every one of us to not allow our children’s dreams to be limited. Pink and polka dot leggings are sold as a 2 pack set from R85 and 2 T-shirts sold as a 2 pack from R99.60.

Available from size 3-6 months, 6-12 Months and 18-24 months. The T-Shirts that read “Dream Chaser” and “Born Ready” are the perfect to wear at school, at home and on a day out.

To add to the fun, Barbie products are now available at Woolworths.

Barbie Bath, Body and Accessories range will be sold in Woolworths stores, including Barbie Hair and Body Wash, Barbie Body Spray, Barbie Shimmer Lotion, Barbie Shimmer Spritzer, as well as Barbie Lip Gloss, Nail Polish and Mani & Pedi Set. It also includes the Barbie Fashion Set, Glam Ring Set, Watch Set and Sunnies Set.

So rush out to Ackermans to get your baby kitted out and ready to Be Anything!

Products we love from 4AKid


We were given some products from Ally Cohen from 4AKid to review sometime last year. I never got a chance to put the review up on the blog, so here you go. Some of my favourites from their website.

Knee pads
I loved these little knee pads. With Harper crawling all over the show, these pads helped protect her knees from scrapes. They stretch to fit over her knees and are very comfortable. They’re not too tight and don’t leave those elastic marks on her legs. They also minimized the stains on her pants that I struggle to wash out. Definitely a win for us! Available in light grey, light pink, and more.

Toothbrush holder
Oh my gosh, do my boys love this little ladybug. Toothbrushes don’t lay all over the basin now and the holder is easy to attach to the wall with little suction pads underneath it. And they rush to the bathroom to catch a glimpse of this cute ladybug and show him how they brush their teeth.

Plush pacifier holder and dummy
I thought this product was a brilliant idea! I mean what better way to find a lost dummy than to just look for the little stuffed dog. However, for us, it just didn’t work out. Harper didn’t like the dummy that was attached to the dog and there was no way we could remove the dummy attached and add our own one. I would definitely consider using this if there maybe a velcro strip to attach your own dummy to the plushie. If your baby is not as fussy as mine, then this is a win. They have other designs in the collections as well. I think there’s a monkey and a teddy.

Magic tracks
Anything to do with cars and racetracks have my boys jumping up and down with excitement. With these magic tracks, you can bend, flex and curve the track magically in 360˚ however you want – even while the race car is zooming around. They’ve even worn the tracks as a crown lol.


I also have a few items from 4aKid on my wish list.

Blackboard sticker
I’d love this blackboard sticker for the boys’ rooms. Those old school blackboards on the stands can get in the way and I love that this sticker is easy to apply and can be cut to fit any size you wish. I could even stick it on my fridge to jot down my shopping list or little love messages for Mark.

Unicorn backpack
Man oh man what’s not to love about this baby bag backpack? Not only does it have unicorns on it, it’s a multi functioning, versatile bag. We’ve only had shoulder bags for the boys and as much as I loved those bags, with 3 kids now it’s a bit difficult to juggle them all as well as struggle with a bag falling off your shoulder. Definitely one on my list to get soon.

Responsibility Chart
The boys are going through a stage of not listening to me and creating a mess wherever they go. I’m hoping to get this responsibility chart and start tracking their behaviors. According to the product info on 4aKid’s website, “kids can open the dry-erase boards to reveal a behavior chart on one board, with the 90 magnets on the other, including illustrated responsibilities and behaviors (like Clean Room, Set Table, No Teasing) as well as smiling rewards (Well Done!, Excellent!, You’re a Winner!) also two blank magnets to personalize. The attached sturdy cord is ideal for hanging and the fabric hinges ensure that it will remain durable for many responsible years to come.”

Silicone Ice Lollies
My kids love ice lollies, suckers, bunnylicks, whatever you want to call them. I love these silicone ice lollies because you can add your own fruit juice, yoghurt, etc and freeze. This way, you know what’s going into these ice lollies and they’re mess free.


Bake Snake
I try to bake as often as I can. But I’ve only ever baked a round cake. With this little silicone gadget, I can connect the “snakes” into any shape, place it into a foil lined tray and add my batter. And voila! A heart shaped cake for Valentine’s Day? A number 5 cake for Ethan’s next birthday? Maybe even a star to tell the kids they’re my stars? The possibilities are endless!

Have you been onto 4aKid’s website yet? What have you purchased from them or what is on your wishlist? Tell me in the comment section below.

Father’s Day Gift Guide with Superbalist


Mother’s Day was a week ago and I hope you all had a better day that I did. Not that it was bad but we were extremely busy with getting our house in order after the move and didn’t have much time to rest.

I know I always struggle to find gifts for the men in my life. (Why must it be so hard to find an affordable gift for my husband that he’ll actually like?) I’ve collaborated with Superbalist to put together a gift guide for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is on 16 June and below is a great list of gifts for every type of dad. From laptop bags, to workout clothing to shoes for men. Have a look and let me know what you’re thinking of getting your dad or your husband (from the kids).

Gifts for the Office Dad

1. Messenger Bag – R399
2. Backpack Laptop Bag – R1,259
3. Happy Socks Gift Box – R499
4. Formal shoe – R1,699

Gifts for the Metro Dad

1. Lab Series The Grooming Oil 3 in 1 Shave & Beard Oil – R475
2. D&G Light Blue – R2,699
3. Frankees Trunks – R239

Gifts for the Workout Dad

1. Puma Training Sneakers – R1,599
2. Asics Drawcord Hoodie – R799
3. Adidas Sweatpants – R779
4. Reebok Long Tights – R419

Gifts for the Style Conscious Dad

1. Fossil Watch – R2,999
2. Tie Pin with Clear Detailed Cufflinks Set – R149
3. Style Republic Faux Leather Wallet – R209
4. Joy Collectables Tie – R79

Gifts for the Barista Dad

1. Typo Socks – R99
2. Sixth Floor Print – R169
3. 3 Cup Classic Espresso Moka Pot – R299

Gifts for Every Type of Dad

1. 13 inch Laptop Cover – R299
2. Star Wars Galaxy Socks – R99
3. Cable Pinches – R69
4. Beer Time Socks – R99

5. Metal Drink Bottle – R149
6. Anytime Mug – R48
7. Take Me Away Mug – R99

Disclaimer – Superbalist has paid me for this post, but all opinions are my own. 

Rhodes Squish Review plus WIN

Have you ever celebrated a toddler eating just 1 spoonful of food? Or jumped up and down, made weird noises or stand on your head and do 100 cartwheels just to get that toddler to taste something new? Well, you’re not alone. I’ve done that and more 3 times over and I was so relieved when I discovered Rhodes Squish (and even more so when Harper tried it and loved it).

The Rhodes Squish pouches are convenient and easy to use. Harper can now suck the puree straight from the pouch but before then, I just used to squeeze a little bit into a spoon and feed her. They are 100% natural and contain no nasties. There is no added sugar, salt, colorants, maize starch and flavorings.

Yoghurt Squish

Rhodes Squish has now added exciting new fruit and veg yoghurt purees and ready-to-eat jellies, adding to its popular 100% fruit and vegetable puree and 100% fruit and veg pressed juice ranges. The Squish yoghurts are made from 100% fruit and vegetables with double cream yoghurt, not yoghurt powder.

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly

There’s more, Rhodes Squish has introduced four new ready-to-eat jellies. The jellies are free from gelatine, colourants, flavourings and preservatives, and are made with fruit puree. Harper loves the Mango and Rooibos jelly and gobbles it up within minutes. You won’t go wrong with Squish for a fuss-free, easy to use snack for your baby and toddler.

Do you want to stop stressing over meal times or cleaning up bowls of food that was thrown by your toddler? You can win a Squish hamper with a Zoku slushie maker for some awesome slushies, milkshakes, and smoothies.

How to enter
Follow Rhodes Squish on Instagram here
Follow me on Instagram here
Leave a comment telling me what lengths you’ve gone to to get your baby/toddler to eat.

For an extra entry, you can enter on Instagram.

Terms and Conditions

1. Closing date for entries will be 13 March 2019. After this date no further entries will be permitted.
2. You must reside is SA in order to qualify for the prize.
3. Your prize cannot be sold or redeemed for cash.
4. Winners will be drawn via a Random name generator.
5. The winner will be notified via email and has 42 hours to claim their prize. If the winner cannot be contacted or does not claim the prize within 2 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner.
6. Only one entry will be accepted per person. Multiple entries from the same person will be disqualified.
7. No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for whatever reason.
8. Entry into the competition will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Review – Pampers Baby-Dry

“What good mothers and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is usually best after all.” ~ Benjamin Spock

I’ve had a child in nappies for the last 8 years. Just as we got Matthew off, Ethan was born. Then the same with Ethan and Harper. And in the last 8 years, I’ve had my fair share of trying different nappies, so I was excited to hear that Pampers has now introduced a new Baby-Dry nappy – the first and only nappy with 2 Air channels.

What this means is that with the 2 air channels, air flows directly onto baby’s bottom, for breathable dryness.The new Baby-Dry nappy (previously known as as the Active Baby-Dry) has been designed specifically to distribute wetness evenly from the front to the back across the nappy and lock it away even better, allowing your baby to enjoy 12 hours of dryness.

“Pampers nappies are thus less bulky and don’t sag, providing great fit and freedom of movement for your baby.”

We all know what happens when a baby’s bum is left wet for too long. It can get red and sore and that dreaded nappy rash can happen. With Pampers Baby-Dry absorbent micro pearls (which absorbs up to 30 times it’s own weight) and the new air channels, baby’s bottom is kept dry by allowing air to flow freely. Your baby can now benefit from sleeping in the same nappy without the need for a change.

Pampers also still have all their other unique features that has made their nappies so well-known, such as the wetness indicator on small sizes (this turns blue when baby wets his nappy), their anti-leakage barriers (which provides great fit to help prevent leaks), baby lotion (to help protect baby’s skin from rashes), and their absorbent micro pearls.

The new Pampers nappies can be identified by the “Air Channels” symbol on the pack. At the moment, the Pampers Baby-Dry with the 2 Air channel nappies are only available in sizes 4-6 but sizes 1-3 will be made available soon. These nappies retail for around R230 per pack across all major SA retailers.

Hasbro has the perfect gift for kids

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Or are you more like me and waiting until the very last second to get those gifts? Every year, I promise myself that I’m going to buy gifts throughout the year so it’s not such a mad rush this close to Christmas. And every year, I just don’t get to it. If we’re in the same boat, I have some ideas on what to get the kids this year.

Hasbro introduces Yellies! the cutest, fuzziest collectible pets that respond to your voice. Each Yellies! pet has its own unique look and personality and is full of fun surprises. Voice and sound-activated, they respond to talking, yelling, clapping, singing, or even music. Talk softly to your Yellies! and they will move slowly or yell louder and get them scurrying faster across the room! Look out for the first wave of Yellies! spider collectibles at leading retailers, including Toy Kingdom, Toy Zone, Toy Adventures, Hamleys, and Find your favorite and remember the louder you yell, the faster they go!

My Little Pony
The world of My Little Pony is filled with the magic of friendship where fans will be spoilt for choice.

  • Become besties with The My Little Pony Equestria Girls fashion dolls, each dressed in a stylish outfit, complete with fashion accessories that match their character personalities.
  • Enjoy bright adventures with the Glitter and Glow Princess Celestia figure. Press her sun-shaped cutie mark and watch her lights twinkle and change colors.
  • The awesome Singing Rainbow Dash has cool movable sunglasses and a microphone attached. Press her Cutie Mark to hear her sing “Time to Be Awesome” from My Little Pony: The Movie and more including 15 entertainment-inspired phrases.
  • Cuddle up with the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Plush Figures – the larger-sized soft and floppy plush pony figure is a huggable friend perfect for bedtime snuggles.

Play-Doh continues to captivate kid’s imaginations by providing them with the best in creative, colourful, creatable, makeable adventures with a selection of Play-Doh playsets, tools and accessories.

  • Dive into creative fun with Wavy the Whale – while building sea scenes with the accessories, press down on Wavy’s tail, and watch as Play-Doh water rises from the whale’s spout. 
  • Junior bakers can make the most creative pretend treats with their very own Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Spinning Treats Mixer , where the best ingredient of all is imagination! 

Designed for older members of the Nerf Nation (14+), the launch of the much-anticipated Nerf Rival range, which includes high-powered blasters and durable, battle-tested accessories, enhances the action-packed NERF experience. Choose from a selection of new NERF Rival blasters and accessories – available from ToyZone, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys and .

  • When the Nerf Rival battle starts, the ultimate accuracy of the Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 blaster will put you in charge.
  • Experience ultimate precision and power with the Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 blaster or dominate blaster battles with the Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K blaster, which offers a massive 100-round capacity to outlast the competition.
  • Go into battle in your team colours with the breech-loading Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500 blaster.

Look out for the latest additions to the NERF Elite, Zombie Strike and Nitro ranges.

  • Load and fire fast with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus blaster with motorised Quick-Load Technology.
  • The Nerf Zombie Strike Survival System Scavenger Blaster keeps battlers ready for any zombifying challenge that comes their way.
  • Fire up an inferno of double action blasting with the Nerf Nitro Double clutch Inferno Blaster. This 2-barrel blaster allows kids to launch two cars at the same time. 

The latest movie in the Transformers franchise, Bumblebee, will be launching in December. Immerse yourself in the Bumblebee world with an exciting range of movie inspired products from Hasbro. 

  • Join the buzz with the Studio Series H-01 Movie 6 Bumblebee Showcase Helmet that captures the cool swagger of the loyal Autobot scout.  
  • Imagine charging into battle with Power Charge Bumblebee. Action figure converts from robot mode to classic Volkswagen Beetle mode in 17 steps so kids can amp up the power in 2 modes.
  • The Bumblebee DJ Stryker figure brings a whole new beat to the game by interacting with fans and allowing them to create their own original tunes.

Little Dreamers
Little dreamers can create endless memorable Princess moments with the Disney Princess range, including tiaras, magical wands, hair play assortments, dolls and castles, movie inspired ball gowns and a whole lot more. 

FurReal Friends
If your child has been begging for a pet, FurReal Friends, family of pets may be the ideal solution. Designed to be played with, lived with, and loved, their exciting and engaging play can help create unforgettable childhood memories.

  • Rock-a-too, the Show Bird is a real star and is sure to entertain wherever he goes! Laugh at his kooky parrot jokes, or join him in an original song-and-dance number.
  • Ricky, the Trick-Lovin’ Pup is always ready to perform tricks. This poseable pup can balance his toy bone on his nose and with a voice command or loud sound, flip it into his mouth. He’s so eager to do tricks, he’ll often shuffle his paws in sheer excitement and gives affectionate doggie licks as well.

Hasbro Gaming
Get your family time game on with a wide range of games to suits all ages from Hasbro Gaming . New games include the popular Speak Out Showdown version, Hearing Things, Don’t Lose Your Cool as well as Trivial Pursuit Family Edition. Kids will love Pie Face Cannon and Don’t Step In It as well as a new take on an older classic with Blindfolded Twister. Keep your piece of Mzansi with you over the holidays with Monopoly Mzansi, the local version of Monopoly. Hasbro Gaming also offers a series of preschool Mensa approved learning games from Mousetrap to Downfall Machine to Cranium Sculpt-It and more keep kids entertained while developing their sensory and motor skills.

Stocking Filler Suggestions:

  • Nerf Microshots Series Blasters: blast into big fun with this range of collectible, mini-sized versions of Nerf blasters (each sold separately). Each blaster fires 1 dart at a time and comes with 2 Elite darts.
  • Play-Doh cans come in a variety of colours and are available in sets or individually.
  • My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew combines the worlds of My Little Pony and Equestria Girls to imagine a universe of play and friendships beyond the mirror’s portal. Each blind pack includes a 4cm adorable figure, cafeteria snack-themed accessory, collector card, and a stackable case.
  • Hasbro Collectables: Lock on with Lock Stars – the collectable lock accessory lets you hold the key to unlock your collection. Lost Kitties, an adorable collection of mischievous little kitties, who always seem to end up hiding in a carton, where it’s up to you to find them. Can you find who’s hidin inside? The Littlest Pet Shop is back with fun new characters and accessories, it’s the littlest pets with the BIG personalities!  

Hasbro products are available from leading retailers including: Toys R Us, Toy Kingdom, Toy Zone, Toy Adventures, Lilliputs Toys, Hamleys, Checkers and Checkers Hypers, Game, Makro A and online at 

Hasbro is committed to creating memorable experiences for your family. From toys and games to television programming, motion pictures, digital gaming and a comprehensive lifestyle licensing program, Hasbro fulfils the fundamental need for play and connection for children and families around the world.

For more information visit or Facebook :

This post was written in collaboration with Hasbro.

A letter to new moms

As mentioned in a previous post, my cousin is due with her first baby in February and we are all so excited for them. Baby Dove suggested I write a letter to new moms about my experience as a mom of 3 and any advise I can part with.

Firstly, congratulations Mommy (and Daddy), your life is about to change drastically. Some days will be so hard, you’ll want to take that baby back to the hospital. Other days are so beautiful, you can’t believe you created such a piece of perfection. And in between those days, will be days filled with throw up, dirty diapers, leaky boobs, and milk in your hair.

Without further ado, my few pieces of advice…

Sleep when baby sleeps
This is not always possible. When Aunty Pat says to you “oh dearie, you need to sleep when baby sleeps, maybe you won’t look so tired” just eat her (you’re gonna need the sustenance). Jokes aside, when baby sleeps, it’s either in your arms, on your chest or touching some part of you and any movement on your side will wake baby. If baby is sleeping in his/her crib, do what you need to do. Take a quick shower, eat something, wash the dishes, maybe have a cup of warm tea or go stand outside for 5 minutes to get some fresh air. If you need it and baby allows for it, then take that nap and enjoy it!

Ask for help (or accept it when it’s offered)
Your house isn’t up to it’s normal standards, your hair is a mess and you have dark circles under  your eyes, which means you don’t want to see anyone. But when your friend pops around and says you should go take a long shower, she’ll watch the baby, take her up on the offer. Sometimes, we just need a few minutes alone to recharge. If your mom in law says she’s going to come around, let her. She’ll probably end up cleaning your house and making dinner. Score! Lol but seriously, accept the help offered. And if it’s not offered, don’t be afraid to ask friends and family to help out. I can promise you, they will gladly drop what they’re doing to get in some baby cuddles.

You cannot spoil your baby
I’m sure you’ve heard of this before. If you hold baby or pick them up every time they cry, you’re going to spoil them. Not true. A baby is going to cry for a reason. Whether it’s because it’s hungry, tired, overstimulated, or just needs some cuddles. Go ahead Mommy, you’re not going to spoil your baby, pick him/her up and get all those cuddles in. Your baby needs all the care and attention you can give.  And trust me, when they’re 7 years old and all grown up, they won’t even come sit next to you on the sofa for fear you will cuddle them.

Listen to your heart (or your gut). You know your baby better than anyone else, so if you feel like something is off, go check on or have your baby checked out at the doctor. If someone’s suggests something that you don’t feel good about, don’t do it. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore that feeling. You need to trust your feelings and do what YOU feel is right for you and your baby.

You aren’t a bad mom
I saw a quote recently that said “You aren’t a bad mom. You are a good mom having a bad day.” We all have bad days. Ones where the kids are glued to the tv watching cartoons the whole day. Or we just could not get to make dinner because we were up all night with baby and would rather eat our own hand than attempt to make something edible. You’re just having a bad day and tomorrow will be better. And if it’s not, just eat all the things and know that it’s just another bad day. (If the bad days are piling up and you feel like you just can’t seem to have a good day, perhaps you should have a talk with your doctor as PND is very common (and VERY normal) for most moms).

Love your body
You just birthed a baby! You’re amazing and your body did something incredible. You carried and grew another human being and your body is changed now. You will feel flabby and yucky and won’t want to look in the mirror for fear of seeing all the stretchmarks. Be patient with yourself and give yourself a break.No one will judge you for wearing the maternity clothes after birth, even if it has been more than a year ago. Look in the mirror and remind yourself of what you did, what you grew, what an amazing feat your body accomplished in bringing your baby into this world. Be kind to yourself.

Oh and just in case you didn’t know, point the penis down to prevent leaky nappies. I learned this the hard way.

This post was written in collaboration with Baby Dove.

What to pack for a day trip to the beach

Summer is finally making her debut here in Cape Town. I don’t know about you but I am thoroughly over winter. I don’t like getting cold and the warmer weather brings with it a sense of freedom in a way. The freedom to stay out late because it’s still light out. The freedom to go on a drive because the weather is amazing and it’s not pouring with rain. The freedom to go to the beach and let the kids run free.

Speaking of the beach, Mark is an avid fisher (even though he mostly just feeds the fish lol I’m joking babe) and we mostly accompany him on his adventures. The kids could spend most of the day splashing in the waves, soaking up the sun and watching dad cast his line over into the ocean. Matthew especially loves to join his dad. We bought him his own little fishing rod and he enjoys casting that line. Only problem is, he doesn’t like to put his own bait on (yuck!) and the call of the waves is too much for him to stand there for more than 10 minutes before throwing his rod down and joining Ethan in splashing in the water.

We’ve been to many beaches here in the Western Cape over the years and I’ve picked up some tips on what to pack to make it an easy and comfortable trip for the whole family.

What to pack
Sun cover
We have a little pop up tent that we take everywhere with us. It shades us from the sun and provides a bit of cover should the wind pick up. We also have a 2 man tent that we used when Harper was smaller. This is awesome because baby is completely sheltered and you have loads of space to put your belongings. You could always use a beach umbrella but those things tend to fly away with just a little bit of a breeze.

Babies and children’s skin are super sensitive. Find a great brand that offers a 50+ SPF factor. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a sunburned toddler.

Public restrooms are the pits. Be sure to take a toilet roll with you because kids need to poop at the most inopportune time. We also pack in our Baby Dove wet wipes to not only wipe the seat but to wipe their hands after using the loo. We all know public toilets get vandalised from time to time and there’s often no water available. The Baby Dove wet wipes are great because they’re just wet enough to deal with those grubby hands and they’re wonderfully soft to deal with wiping a sensitive toddler’s bum. Oh and I pack in a tube of Baby Dove nappy cream too. Have you ever been in the sun for too long and your lips become chapped and dry? Did you know you could use a bum cream on your lips to help heal it?

Lots of snacks and drinks
I think the fresh air does something to my kids’ appetites because this seems the only time they’re always hungry. We always pack picnic-style foods and lots of snacks and drinks.

Beach towels and spare clothing
I don’t know about you but my kids love changing their clothes. They’ll suddenly start feeling cold and want to get dressed. Then, 10 minutes later you’ll find them strolling mid thigh in the water in those clothes. So I always pack extras.

And a bonus tip – I’m sure we’ve seen that parenting hack where you use baby powder to rub sand off your kids’ legs and feet. Spoiler – it really does work. Sand is a bitch to get out of the mats in the car, so I’d rather spend a few minutes to shake some baby powder on their legs and feet and use a towel to rub off. The sand literally just jumps off their skin

These are items I definitely cannot do without at the beach. Do you have any other tips and tricks to add? Let me know in the comments.