Last day of being pregnant

To say I’m overwhelmed would be an understatement. I still can’t believe we’re less than 24 hours away from meeting our new baby. Even though this is our third baby, this time is so much different. I think it’s because we know exactly when baby is coming. I feel more nervous, excited, worried, anxious now than I did when we were waiting to go into labour with the boys.

I’m trying to savour every last kick, roll, punch, hiccup because I know I will never feel anything like it again. I’m trying to relax and sleep as much as possible (which is impossible at the moment) because I know that with a newborn, your sleep is not your own any longer. I’m trying to be kind and more aware of the boys and Mark because I know how I get in those first few weeks of zombieland and emotions are all over the place. I’m also going to try to let go of being in control all the time and accept all the offers of help I’ve already been getting. I don’t want to try to be Superwoman and burn myself out and then I can’t be there for my family.

We’re as ready as can be. Bags are packed, boys are prepped and arrangements made for tonight and tomorrow. Matthew is beyond excited and Ethan seems indifferent. But they’re ready and I can’t wait for them to meet their baby brother or sister.

I’m 38+4 weeks pregnant and I’m meeting my baby tomorrow. I can’t wait to know if you’re a boy or a girl. I can’t wait to snuggle you and smell your warm skin. I can’t wait to see your brothers love on you. I can’t wait for your daddy to hold you in his strong arms and show you all his love. I can’t wait for all our family and friends to meet you and show you all the love they’ve been showing us during this pregnancy. We are waiting baby bunny and you are already so very loved!


What’s in my baby’s hospital bag?

Gosh, I seriously couldn’t remember what I needed to put in this bag guys. Here’s hoping I got it right.

20170913_205141 a.jpg

  1. Nappies – I’m looking forward to using the Huggies New Baby nappies. These bad boys have a cut out for the umbilical cord, which I absolutely love!
  2. Cotton Wool – this is used to clean baby’s face if I remember correctly. That and for cleaning the umbilical cord
  3. Blanket – this is mostly for going home and I love this Jeankelly blanket I got when Ethan was born that is being reused
  4. Wipes – that first newborn poo is going to scare you if it’s your first baby and you’ll probably need to pack more than one pack of wipes (Mark used a whole pack with Matthew’s first poo lol)
  5. Muslin swaddle blanket – I got these Aiden and Anis swaddle blankets when I was pregnant with Ethan. Reusing them this time around because they are great!
  6. Surgical spirits – used to clean the umbilical cord. I actually prefer to use Fuller’s Earth but we were asked by the hospital to pack this in.
  7. Toiletries – I love the Dove product range for babies. So I packed the body wash and bum cream with a little face cloth. (Crap! Looks like I forgot to pack the body lotion!)
  8. Dummy – I have always been a fan of Nuk dummies and have packed one for this baby just in case it’s needed. I know it’s not for everyone but I am seriously not keen on being used as a pacifier.
  9. Going home outfit – our hospital will provide clothing for baby while we’re in hospital and we just need to pack 1 outfit for going home.
  10. Nappy bag – I won this beautiful Lou Harvey bag when Matthew was still little. Love their products and how nicely everything fits into the bag.

I’m sure there are loads of things I’m missing from this bag. It will either have to be brought from home when Mark comes the next day to the hospital or it’ll have to be bought. My brain is clearly not functioning properly anymore.

What’s in my hospital bag? Packing for a c-section


You’d think that having done this twice before I’d know what to pack from the top of my head. With it being 3 years since Ethan was born, I’ve forgotten quite a bit more than I thought I would. Also, with this being my first “elective” c-section, packing my hospital bag is a liiiiittle bit different this time around. Here’s what I have:

20170913_204313 a.jpg

  1. Maternity Pads – those big thick ones are definitely needed. In the first few days I use 2 pads for extra protection.
  2. Linen Savers – this is the first time I was asked by the hospital to bring my own linen savers. But these guys will help out as extra protection with the maternity pads as well. Whatever is leftover when we go home, will be used in our bed. I’ll put one underneath where I sleep because if I remember correctly, the milk spillage is very real in those first few days.
  3. Pajamas and slippers – 2 or 3 should be enough. I was looking for dark bottomed pj’s because of all the bleeding but couldn’t find ones I liked. I got button-down front ones to help out with breastfeeding. Loose-waisted also helps with the c-section cut and not having any pressure on the cut. The slippers are for when you start walking around and going to the bathroom (as soon as the feeling comes back in your legs and your catheter is removed).
  4. Maternity panties (disposables) – these suckers are great because they don’t bite into your cut, they actually fit up to your navel. They’re also awesome because you just chuck them in the bin after use.
  5. Extra panties – I packed extra panties (boy leg) with those soft waists. I might not use it but I packed it just in case.
  6. Nursing bras – I got these great nursing bras from Sophie and Jane. They are comfortable, super trendy and don’t look like nursing bras at all. I love them! There’s currently one that I’m lusting over, can’t wait for it to come out.
  7. Breast pads and nipple cream – not only used for milk leakage but also because your nipples get so sensitive and them rubbing against your bra can get really eina.
  8. Hair brush and hair ties – as much as I hope I get a chance to wash and dry my hair before baby comes, I need to be realistic and realise that I still need to brush my hair and maybe tie it up so it doesn’t strangle the baby somehow.
  9. Toiletries – I didn’t pack much, just a dark facecloth, shower gel and deodorant. Some women pack make up essentials and dry shampoo but those aren’t things I normally use.
  10. Earphones, chargers – pack your own earphones to listen to the hospital TV (if you get a chance) and cellphone and camera charges. Also don’t forget the plug adapter!
  11. Not pictured – gown, toothbrush, toothpaste

I realise my bag doesn’t carry much for myself but those are all essentials for me.

Anything critical I might be missing?

My ultimate newborn wishlist

With the cost of baby things these days, Mark and I decided not to sell or give away a lot of the boys’ baby stuff. We’ve borrowed things to friends and received a lot of it back. We’re still using the things that we bought when we were pregnant with Matthew with this pregnancy/baby. So it feels like a waste of money to buy anything new this time around.

However, there are still some nice to have things that I wish I could justify spending the money on (or convincing Mark to spend the money on). So a little peak into what’s on my newborn wishlist.

Haakaa Breastpump

Photo Credit

I have a breastpump. It’s an electronic Tommee Tippee that works beautifully. I think I want this because of the reviews I’ve read about it. I love how convenient and small it is. Plus, it’s handsfree! You just suction it to your boob and then the pump does all the work.

Sleepyhead Deluxe

Sleepyheadsa 2
Photo Credit
Sleepyheadsa 1
Photo Credit

I love the portability function of this lounger. And the fact that it provides a consistent sleep space for baby. It’s travel friendly, so can go with you when you visit friends and family and baby will sleep safely and in a familiar space.

Ubuntubaba Carrier 

Photo Credit 

Even though I have a Ubbababa wrap, I want this carrier. It’s looks so much easier to put on and get baby in. And you know we moms need to save all the minutes we can.

Milk Mama Cover

Photo Credit

I am amazed at how versatile this cover is. I love that you can use it as a breastfeeding cover, a car seat cover, and a trolley cover. I’d probably also try to use it as a scarf.

Lily ‘n Jack Snuggle Bunny

Photo Credit

I love that this self-soother was made to calm and settle baby. It has the softest fleece, combined with silky satin or cotton ears which makes this tactile bunny comforter an absolute must-have. It’s definitely on my list.

Sophie la Giraffe

Sophie la Giraffe
Photo Credit

Not really a newborn wishlist item, but definitely something I’ve always wanted. Seems like the ultimate teether for baby.

Lulla Doll

Lulla Doll.PNG
Photo Credit

Anything that will make sleep time easier is a win in my book. The Lulla Doll provides 8 hours of soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat.

There you have it, my newborn wishlist. A lot of the above items are pricey, probably why they’re on the “wish” list and not in my home already.

What did/do you have on your wishlist? Are there any items that you’ve been hinting at and hoping you’ll get at your baby shower? Let me know. Maybe there’s something I haven’t thought of yet.

8 months pregnant and an update

So it’s been another break between posts. Can’t believe 3 weeks have passed since I last posted. Guess it’s time for another update.


Update 1.PNG

I’m 2 and a bit weeks away from meeting our newest family member. These last few weeks have been a bit tough though. I’ve been suffering with super uncomfortable Braxton hicks, groin pains, sharp pains up my hoohaa (sorry for the tmi), leg cramps, sore boobs and bleeding gums. Despite all those complaints, I have been trying to be more mindful of this pregnancy. Taking notice when I get kicks, or when baby hiccups, and trying to get the boys to feel baby move. At 36 weeks along, it’s been a journey and I can’t believe we’re almost at the end.

It’s been a bit of an emotional ride too. Not only knowing that I won’t get my vba2c, or that baby won’t be able to choose it’s own birthday, but also that this will be the last time I’ll ever experience a pregnancy. I know I’ve been lucky enough to be pregnant 3 times but knowing that I will never be able to have another baby is something I’m still trying to get over. Even though we know for sure that this will be our last child and have thought long and hard about it, and discussed it at length, it’s still a bit of a tough pill to swallow. I’m sure things will look up when baby is here and we’re stuck in the newborn zombie phase.

I feel like my head is all over the place and I can’t concentrate on just one thing. Work is very stressful at the moment, even though I try not to let it get to me. I can’t wait for next Friday when I finish off. I worry how the boys are going to react when the baby is here. At least the baby’s things are sorted. Cot is out, clothing is washed, both our bags are packed and arrangements have been made for the boys. I think this is why my blog is suffering, because I can’t concentrate even though I want to (need to) get my thoughts out of my head.

Update 3


Matthew has been going through a bit of a trying phase (oh please let it just be a phase). Back-chatting, lying, stealing. He has the attitude of a teenager and it’s driving me bonkers. I’ve started making us time for him and myself. Time where we just sit on my bed while Ethan is busy with something else, and he gets to speak about whatever it is he wants. I’m trying to get him to know that he can talk about anything with me and that he doesn’t need to be afraid. Something came out of these conversations that I’m not ready to talk about on the blog yet, but it’s made me understand him a little better and why he’s been reacting the way he has. We’re working on it and it’s getting better. Seriously want to implement Leigh’s star chart with the boys soon. Hoping this improves their behaviour a little bit before it gets worse.


*whispers* Ethan has started sleeping through in his own bed.

It helps that I’m not sleeping as deeply as I used to, so when he walks into our room in the middle of the night, I wake up and send him back to his own room. We had to replay this spiel for a few nights before he stopped waking up and started sleeping through. Luckily just in time before baby comes. He’s still a stubborn little so and so and tests my patience every day. He’s been fully potty trained for about 8 months now but still has these little “accidents” every now and then. I know why it happens, he’s too focused on playing or doing whatever it is he’s doing, that when he eventually realises he can’t keep it in anymore, it’s too late. I just need him to realise that he needs to stop what he’s doing when he feels the urge to use the bathroom and just go. I think the star chart will help with this.

Otherwise, I’m more worried about how Ethan will react to the baby than how Matthew does. I am so aware of not letting Ethan get middle child syndrome but also need to realise that I can’t put too much pressure on Matthew either. Why is parenting so freaking hard?!?!


This man has been my rock! He’s helped out so much with the boys and things around the house. He’s been so understanding about me not cooking or cleaning because of this pregnancy. He’s rubbed my back and made way in our bed for my pregnancy pillow. He’s an absolute star and I love him so much. Okay, enough with the sap. He’s also under immense pressure and stress at work. With a lot of responsibilities been put on him to perform. He’s working harder now than he did at his previous company and he comes home tired every evening. I’m hoping things change a little for him in the near future and that he finds his joy again in his work.

On another note, I’m super, duper proud of myself. I managed to tick something off my list of goals last week. I passed my driver’s licence test at almost 36 years old and being 35 weeks pregnant. It was THE most stressful morning of my life but I did it!!!

Update 4

I’m hoping to post again before the baby arrives, but if not, the next post will be about the baby’s arrival!

Update 5

PS: if you can, please help us choose a girl name. We have decided on a boy’s name but can’t pick any off our list of girls. Which one do you like?

Gabrielle (Gaby)












What’s been happening?

I don’t know why I have such long gaps between posting updates. Not much to say? Probably. Focusing on family and the pregnancy more? Most likely. Struggling to juggle all the balls and still keep on track of everything? Definitely! I’m sorry to everyone that comes back here looking for something new. I keep hoping things will change.

An update on us

Life isn’t going too badly at the moment. Mark is working. (YAY!!) It’s not exactly what he was looking for but it’s a job with an income that we badly need.

32 Weeks Update 5

Matthew is going through a phase of telling lies. It just started one day last week and escalated to a point where I had to sit him down and have a talk with him. It’s little lies, and I’m sure most kids go through this. But I had no idea how much it would break me knowing that my offspring is telling such tall tales and that I can’t trust him to tell me the truth anymore. We had a good chat last night and I think he understands how his lies makes me feel. And he promised he’ll try better to stop. That and biting his nails. (Struggling with the nail biting!)

32 Weeks Update 4

We’re starting to understand more of what Ethan is saying lately. We can actually have a conversation with him and know exactly what he’s talking about, instead of asking every third word “Excuse me?”. But with this comes his new thing of scolding everyone all the time. And he screams when he can’t get what he wants. Life is just hectic with this little boy. But we love it all the same.

32 Weeks Update 1

Baby #3 is still gently baking and we haven’t had any more scares. We still don’t have any names and my bags have yet to be packed. But I’m trying to enjoy the time just being a family of four before our lives are thrown upside down with the new arrival. I am so worried about being a mom to 3 kids, about how I’ll cope, or share my time and love with them. I know that things will work out and we;ll get through it and come out so much stronger on the other side. But the worry is still there.

32 Weeks Update 2

I’m okay. The last few weeks of this pregnancy is going to kick my ass, I just know it. I’ve already gotten the “morning sickness” back, my back has started hurting more, I’ve started waking up in the middle of the night to go pee and then I lay awake for an hour after, my pelvis hurts almost all the time and sleeping has become uncomfortable. And no, I’m not complaining. I’m just being real. Even though I am helluva grateful to be able to fall pregnant and carry this baby full term, I am human and feel all the aches and pains associated with being pregnant. I can’t wait to hold this littley in my arms and smell his/her baby smell, and kiss those chubby cheeks, and feel the weight of that small body against my chest and just soak up all the babyness.

It’s Ethan’s birthday on Monday and we’re just doing something very small on Sunday because there is no way this 8 month preggy body is going to be able to do much.

Also, I’ve forgone the baby shower this time around. Although I would love to celebrate this baby like we did for the boys, there just isn’t the funds to do it right now. We might have something very simple when the baby is here and do a double celebration with my birthday. Still feel a bit sad about it though.

Please don’t forget about our Chela-Preg giveaway. Competition has been extended and entries close 23 August 2017. 

Preparation for birth and breastfeeding

Disclaimer: this post was written in collaboration with Abbott Nutrition

With just a few more weeks until our bubs is in our arms, I’ve started thinking about what  life is going to be like after this pregnancy. Life with 3 children. What did I get myself into?!?!  Oh well, too late for that. I had no issues breastfeeding both boys but unfortunately, only managed to breastfeed them for 6 months each. They self-weaned for some reason.

With tomorrow being the start of World Breastfeeding Week (which runs from 1 – 7 August), I thought I’d share some breastfeeding tips as well as making the last few days of pregnancy a little bit easier.

A few tips for those last few weeks and days of pregnancy (please remember that these won’t apply to everyone):

  • Make sure you are eating healthily to keep up your energy levels for the hard work of labour ahead. Similac Mom provides you with all the special nutrients that you need for this time
  • Keep Similac Mom close at hand for those days ahead when you will be breastfeeding. While you are breastfeeding, have a glass of Similac Mom next to you not only to quench the extra breastfeeding thirst, but to also make sure you have the correct nutrition for both you and your baby during these precious times
  • Rest during the day- you never know when you might go into labour so never let yourself get really tired because that is the day you probably will go into labour. If you are tired when labour starts, you start at such a disadvantage, rather start labour feeling refreshed and with high energy levels
  • Stay active so you keep up your fitness levels
  • Make sure your bags are packed and ready for labour. Keep them with you if you go far from home
  • Make sure you have discussed your birth plan with the doctor/midwife and the hospital where you will be delivering to ensure everyone is on the same page as you
  • Practice your skills learnt at childbirth education classes together with your birth partner
  • Make sure you have a lactation consultant’s number saved in your phone in case you need one in those early days of breastfeeding
  • Ensure you do a breastfeeding course. Knowledge is very empowering and helpful for this new skill that will be required of you
  • Know your baby’s normal movements. Be aware your baby should move nicely every day. Your baby should move 10 times in less than 2 hours. A quicker but as reliable method, is 3 kicks in an hour. You know your baby is fit and healthy by feeling him move. He has times of sleeping as well so won’t be moving 24/7. If you cannot feel your baby moving, have something sweet to eat and drink and then do what generally gets your baby moving – for some it is to take a bath, others to lie down. If you are concerned your baby isn’t moving as well as usual or is moving far more than normal – contact your caregiver or the labour ward at the hospital. Towards the end of pregnancy, your baby may move differently, fewer but bigger movements.
  • Spend lots of time communicating with your partner as you prepare for labour together as well as your new journey together as parents

I’ve started struggling the last few days with some pelvic and groin pain. Walking is hard and painful and I haven’t been able to chat to the doctor about it yet. I’m trying not to moan too much though, so just chopping on. I’m still worried about the cramps I got last week, so taking it easy and starting preparing my handover things at work. Life is crazy hectic at the moment and we’re prepping for Ethan’s birthday soon. We’re not having a party but would like to do something special for him. Not sure what though.


I still have some last minute things to get for the hospital bag and although the tips above are super handy, I need to read up a bit on breastfeeding this new bub. So much prep left to do and I seriously don’t feel like doing anything at the moment.


Enjoy this time! Your pregnancy will soon be over and you will have lots of new skills to learn!


School holidays almost over???

Wow it’s been 2 weeks since my last post! There’s not much going on in our lives, I guess that’s why it’s been so quiet around here.

School holidays are almost over and Matthew had a few outings in the 3 weeks. He went to watch Cars 3 at the cinema with his dad. Got to play arcade games and went to Spur for some quality time with Mark as well on that day.

We also went to Old Mac Daddy for a few days. Oh my gosh, that place is amazing! It’s been on my bucket list so I’m glad I got to experience, however, I’m not ready to tick it off my list yet as I want to experience this beautiful place in summer.


We also got spoilt with winning family tickets to the Disney on Ice show last night. Unfortunately, I felt that Ethan was still a bit too young for the show, so treated Matthew, my niece and a friend’s daughter to the experience. They absolutely loved it and sat transfixed most of the show. I loved the costumes and the artistry on the ice. The show also brought back so many memories for me of my own experiences with Disney growing up. My only gripes are that the prices of the food stuff and toys are beyond ridiculous and saying no to a child who can keep on keeping on asking for something gets a tad too much.

In my last post, I mentioned that Mark is still struggling to find work and that there was a worry of retrenchment on my side. The good news is that Mark was offered a post at a company. He’s not 100% happy but it’s an income and he can now work and look for something better in the meantime. On my side, I also received news that the retrenchments won’t affect my department. Mark and I can both breath a little easier now.

The pregnancy is still going good. I started with some crazy pains in my groin recently. Probably just ligaments stretching but seeing my gynae next Thursday so will ask then. We still don’t have any names though. By this time with the boys, we were talking to them and mentioning them by name for months already. I have just over 9 weeks left before this baby is here and I NEED to get a move on. Any ideas for names? I think we’re struggling because we need a girl and a boy name (and a second name for each sex). That’s 4 freaking names to think of!! No wonder I keep putting it off.


I’ve been missing my mom recently, not sure why though. Maybe it’s because of the imminent birth of this baby and I remember how much she was there for me with the boys. I think this is affecting my blogging and why I’ve been so scarce around here. Let’s hope the good news we received will help with some of that block I put on my writing.

PS: I’ve started with driving lessons (yes eventually!!!!) and it’s going good apparently. I’m still shit scared to be on the road and I hope it doesn’t take too long for my confidence to get the boost it needs.


The “perfect” post (not)

I’ve written so many posts in my mind. I have ideas floating around in there that I forget to write down. The part I’m struggling with? Is getting it from my mind to my computer, making my fingers work with my brain to coordinate those stories and pictures into words that you the story of our lives.


The other problem that I’m struggling with is that there I feel there are so many mommy bloggers out there today. All writing about how great their kids are, and how “perfect” their homes are with their beautiful clothing and picturesque homes and amazing gardens. Dude, I barely have enough clothes to cover my ever growing bump, never mind having the energy to run after a 2 year old trying to get the “perfect” photo that tells you how “perfect” our lives are.


Our lives are far from perfect. Mark is still at home, 2 months later. Work is scarce and it’s scary. As an unqualified Health and Safety Officer, it’s a bit difficult for him to find the type of work that he was doing or anything really in the roads and stormwater industry. Then, there’s the worry that I might be retrenched as well. We are being kept on a “lyntjie” here at work and it’s driving me crazy. No one can give us answers and questions get the runaround. I am almost 7 months pregnant and there is clearly no way anyone is going to hire me and still give me 4 months paid maternity leave now. The stress levels people?!?!

Otherwise, the pregnancy is going great. A few aches and pains here and there but nothing to worry about. I’m 26 weeks now and my bump gets a hug and kiss every so often from Matthew. I’m still dreaming of a VBA2C but I’m trying to get over the fact that there are no medical practitioners in the Western Cape willing to assist.


I need to find ways to pack and organise the baby’s things in our small space. Gosh guys, it’s incredible how little space we have. Looking at Pinterest to see if I can get some ideas on how to organise the baby’s things but it makes me tired looking at these things. I’m first all like “ooooh pretty!”or “we can definitely do that”. Which immediately gets over-ridden with “flip, how many storage boxes am I going to have to buy at Mambos?” and “where the heck do I store the other things that’s taking up space?”.

I’ve started buying some goodies for the baby but I definitely don’t need a lot. My friend kept all the things I gave her so the only things we really need are nappies and toiletries. Amazing right? Still doesn’t stop me from buying an outfit here or a swaddle blanket there. There are such cute (expensive) things out nowadays.

Baby grow

Matthew did well this term, his grades increased from last term and I’m super proud of him. He got to watch Cars 3 with his dad in the week and he had the BEST time. Ethan is testing us at every turn, ignoring us and just doing his own thing, so it’s been a struggle dealing with him. He still doesn’t want to sleep in his own bed. He starts out there but ends up in ours sometime during the night, although he nearly gave me heart failure 4 nights in a row when he slept through in his own bed. And just as I was getting excited BAM! back in our bed. Don’t know what to do except just go with it and take his cues from him.

I haven’t started thinking about Ethan’s birthday yet and it’s next month. Anyone want to offer free party planning services? I have a sprinkle to look forward to as well but I just want something small to celebrate this baby. Looking at ideas for this but love the idea that Leigh from The Mom Diaries did at her baby shower. The whole blessing ceremony appeals to me so much.

Okay, I think I’ve gone on enough. Fingers crossed I get out of this slump I’m in soon and that Mark gets work and that I am not affected by the retrenchments. Hopefully I can take some “Insta-perfect” photos soon.


Sucker punches and trying to find unisex clothing


For much of the day, I forget that I’m pregnant. I mean, really, who forgets that they’re carrying a life beneath their heart? Then I get a little sucker punch from the inside out the blue. And I have to take a moment, stop what I’m doing and just watch. I’ll watch and I’ll watch but do you think this baby will move for me again? Don’t even let me put Mark’s hand on my bump after I’ve gotten 2 or 3 kicks. Immediately the kicking stops and Mark looks at me like I’m imagining things.



I’ve started my 6th month of this pregnancy and the closer we get to our due date, the more anxious I get. I’m mostly worried about the repeat c-section. As disappointed as I was about not getting my vba2c, I thought I had at least come to terms with the doctor’s decision. Yet, I still lie awake at night wondering how I can convince my doctor to at least let me try the vbac. Or where in the Western Cape I can find a gynae or midwife who would be comfortable taking me as a vba2c patient. Oh well, I have 3 more months to get  my mind around it.

Prepping the boys

I need to start prepping the boys for the new addition. I’m thinking maybe just trying to remember to get them gifts from the baby and trying out some of The Milk Memoirs’ bucket list items. I have so much guilt when it comes to the boys, about how much time they’re going to miss out on when the baby comes? Will their fighting with each other become unbearable? Will I be able to treat them all equally without having any biases to any of my children? I know these are some silly things to be worried about and that things will work out and in a way where everyone benefits.

Baby’s sex

The amount of times people ask me about this baby’s sex is unbelievable. I know people are curious and don’t mean any offense but I will say something if anything’s changed since the last time we spoke. Like I see you at work everyday, there’s no need to ask me every Monday if I know yet what I’m having. Then there are the unisex clothing that popular clothing stores have in stock. Seriously? I thought we’d have advanced from yellow and green? I am very partial to reds, blacks, greys and white. Yet, the only places I’ve seen stock these colours (in more than 1 item) are the more expensive stores. Guys, I’m pregnant with our third child, there’s no way I can afford R300+ for a normal grey grower. Help please!


Ad hoc

Otherwise, everything is going well with the baby and with myself. Baby is weighing approximately 537g at our last scan and doctor is very happy with him/her. I was so tempted to ask her about the baby’s sex though but fortunately, we got through the appointment without knowing. I’m doing great. I’m still losing a bit of weight every week but nothing that the doctor is worried about. I’m worried about putting the weight back on post pregnancy. Any tips for getting through breastfeeding without stuffing my face every 5 minutes? I still have loads to do in preparation for the hospital and when this baby is here. Like, I’ve not done a single thing or spend a single cent on anything. I guess I need to get my ass into gear with only 3 months left.