Car seatThis photo has taken over my feed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the last few days. It’s filled my inbox with blog posts by all my favourite bloggers. I was starting to get irritated by it. How many more times do I have to read a post about buckling my kids up when we’re in the car? How many more times do I have to think about all those children that weren’t buckled up and ended up injured. Or worse. Until it hit me. That. Is. The. Point. The point of all this being in my newsfeed, being on all my social media channels, being irritated by it. It’s the awareness of it. We all need to be made aware of how dangerous it is to not buckle our children up when we’re driving. Even if it is just a few 100 metres to the shop on the corner.

I must admit, I was one of those mothers. The one that sat on the back seat with the baby on her lap. The one that didn’t want to take the time to strap her child in. The one who didn’t even feel bad for not strapping her baby into his car seat, knowing how dangerous is. Things are different now. I always strap the boys in, no matter where we’re going. They are MY responsibility and keeping them safe is at the top of that responsibility list.

In saying that, our children are our responsibility. We’re responsible for their safety and wellbeing. We’re responsible to ensure they’re strapped in when we take them in a vehicle. They don’t have a voice, so someone has to stand up for them. That’s what this campaign is about. There are hundreds of stories about children being hurt in a car accident because they weren’t strapped in. Hundreds of pictures, broken hearted parents, hundreds of beds filled in hospitals with little bodies that can barely move, hundreds of little ones that won’t be running around any more. This is a really sad reality. And one that we can contribute to, make a change, by making our friends and family aware of the campaign. Just share one of these stories, and ask your friends, family, colleagues, enemies, frenemies (Facebook friends, Instagram followers, etc) to share a story. They are trying to reach every one and spread awareness of car seat safety.

If this matters to you, please SHARE the stories. Please LIKE #CarseatFullstop on Facebook,please SIGN UP for the newsletter, please FOLLOW them on Twitter, please FOLLOW them on Instagram or on Google+. Please invite your friends and family and colleagues to these platforms. And when the stories start coming from 18 July, please hit the share button on every single story.

I wasn’t asked to participate in this campaign but I believe that everyone should see this and be made aware.

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