Birthday wishlist

It’s my mom’s birthday today and I’m sad. I keep thinking I mustn’t forget to phone her to wish her before I see her this evening.


So instead of dwelling on missing her and what we would normally have done for her today, I’ve compiled my birthday wishlist. My birthday is this coming Saturday, so this list is more for me than actually expecting anyone to buy from it.

It’s huge! This year, there are so many things I like. Other times, when asked what I want for my birthday, I have absolutely no clue and normally just say “Ag nothing” or “Anything will be fine”. I think I must keep some of the items on this list for Christmas as well.

So, first up……..

  1. Jewellery from Absolutely love their rings, and necklaces, and earrings. Okay everything in their store will be a win.silvery
  2. Next up is a dress from Gorgeous, flowy dresses just perfect for that photoshoot or wedding we’ve been invited to. I love how I can imagine how much of a princess I’d feel in one of their creations.
  3. Belinda from Making Mountains wrote about these sandals from and I just love how they take me back to when I was younger. I had a similar pair and wore the crap out of those shoes. These ones are a bit more indulgent as they’re a bit over my budget but I love them! sandals
  4. I’ve been attending Switch classes for the last few weeks and it’s the one fitness class that I can do over and over again. The classes target the full body and each class is different. A voucher for classes would be very welcomed. switch
  5. I have been wanting to get a tattoo for the longest time. Even getting my sister to agree to go for a matching tattoo. I think I have been putting it off because I wasn’t sure exactly what it was that I wanted. But I want to commemorate my mom somehow. She loved oriental lilies and I would love to have one done. The guys at The Tattoo Lounge are amazing from what I see on Instagram and from what I’ve heard about them. I would love a voucher to put towards my tattoo for my mom. tattoo
  6. Flowers, chocolates and wine is one thing that I will never say no to. This one needs no other explanation. netflorist
  7. The Nike store has this amazing feature where you can customize most of their sneakers. This is my customisation and it is NEEDED for my Switch classes and when I start running soon. nike
  1. I am in desperate need of a hair colour and style. There are just never enough hours or enough money for myself. This one should’ve been top of the list. stylebar
  1. Melissa from Made by Mel has made the boys’ birthday cakes since Matthew’s 4th birthday party. I would love a little vanilla or lemon or poppy seed and buttercream creation of hers. She makes THE BEST cakes! cake
  2. The only other thing on my list is time with my family doing something we all can enjoy. Like a lunch where the kids can run around and have fun, or ziplining for me and my sister (the adventure seeking junkies), or a fun night out for Mark and myself to just get away from all the stresses and celebrate.

Anything else I should add? What did you have on your wishlist?


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