Bauble Tree (DIY)

I wish it was possible to cling wrap my Christmas tree and pack it away. It’ll make unpacking a breeze every year!

Who else has seen those amazing Christmas trees the stores are selling now and thought about buying one? You know, the fuller ones, with the berries and lights attached. It also comes with all the trimmings and costs about as much as I earn in one month! Then there are the lights, outdoor lights, window lights, white lights, flashing lights. It is all wonderful and fun and adds to the wonderment of Christmas but some of us just can’t afford all the beautiful extras for our homes.

Those that follow me on Instagram may remember I made a bauble tree for my wall in our office (if you don’t remember or you want to have a quick squizz, check it here). I thought I’d make one for home as well. You can too with my simple DIY.


Baubles, star and Prestik


  1. Take a small ball of Prestik and attach it to the bauble, make sure you stick the string too. Do this to all your baubles


    Prestik added to all the baubles

  2. Pick the spot on your wall that you’re going to “hang” your tree and start at the top with 2 baubles


    Starting my tree

  3. Keep adding 1 bauble to each row until you reach the desired length of your tree or you run out baubles


    Adding another row

  4. Add your star to the top


    Almost done, star added

  5. Add 4 balls under your last row as the “trunk” of your tree


    Trunk added

  6. And you’re done! Easy peasy


  • Make sure you put enough Prestik on or your baubles won’t stick.
  • Get someone to help you spot if your lines are straight. Especially if you’re a little OCD like me, this could take you longer than 10 minutes as you keep moving baubles up or down.
  • If you have small children, this is also a great way to display a Christmas tree without worrying that your child will pull the trimmings off (just make sure you hang it high enough).

Total cost – roughly R250

Time to complete – 15 minutes

I hope you enjoyed this. If you decide to try this out, please post photos and tag #diymullertree.

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