At the rate my boys are growing…

The boys are growing like weeds. It doesn’t help that Matthew seems to be going through a growth spurt at the moment (that boy just does not stop eating). All their clothing are too small for them, even the new clothes we buy are too small.

I seriously need to take out my mom’s sewing machine and get busy with some winter clothes, I’m sure it’ll be cheaper than buying a whole new wardrobe. Just need to find some easy patterns and affordable material. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Maybe I can see for some easy baby grower patterns as well, then I can make them in the colours that I like.

Things are so damn expensive and obviously my children has no concept of what their clothing costs, so they come home with holes in their pants, or the fronts of their shoes scraped or the necks of their t-shirts puled up over their noses, stretched (please tell me it’s not only my kids!).

I am a major amateur at sewing though, so I’m definitely going to need a few lessons first. Youtube videos here I come!

Now to find the time to start doing this. Either that or just plain stop complaining about the cost of clothes and just get on with it. We don’t discriminate and shop at all local stores but even the local stores have become ridiculous with their prices.

How are you overcoming the expense of clothes shopping?

Boys 2

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0 thoughts on “At the rate my boys are growing…

  1. Jodie says:

    The broken shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMW – I can’t deal. I hear you, and clothes are so expensive too 🙁 I have no solution.

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