A fleeting visit

The little kitten that adopted us has left……

Let me start this by being clear we have no idea of what it is like to have a cat/kitten and aren’t sure of what is right or wrong.

On Monday morning we had left poor Lohki in the yard. He had food, water and a warm place to sleep. Our alarm isn’t set for pets and we had no idea how to set it (I suppose we should’ve just called ADT to set it for us). Anyway, when we got home that evening, our next door neighbours complained that the kitten was crying incessantly the entire day. (Now should the cat stay in the house with a window open? Or do we get a litter box and just leave him in the house? Or do we put him outside in the front so that he won’t be bored and can roam and come and go as he pleases?)

We chose the latter. In hindsight, it was probably the better option. We had him in our lives for 3 days, which yes is enough time to creep into our hearts but I suppose it is also enough time to get over his desertion quicker. When we came home that night, Lohki was nowhere to be seen. We called and whistled, and Matthew shouted but no Lohki.

Matthew was a little bit upset. Me more so. I felt guilty for leaving him in the front. But I suppose it was probably bound to happen anyway? He would’ve eventually gotten out and ran away (probably back to where he came from).

I need a crash course on how to care for a cat (hangs head). But more importantly, I would like to adopt another little kitten for the boys. They seemed to enjoy having the kitten around and I’m sure Matthew would love it!

Please readers, any suggestions, ideas, words of wisdom?

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