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Disclaimer – I received the items from 4aKid but all opinions are my own.

As the mother of two young children, I’ve realised that child safety is the responsibility and obligation of every parent and guardian. After all, we all want the best for our children. Being a parent in today’s times is challenging enough, so I’ve worked hard at finding the products, tools and resources to make life easier & simpler for parents and for kids.”

– Ally Cohen, founder of For A Kid.

I received a few amazing goodies for the kids to try out from Ally Cohen from 4aKid recently and I thought I’d share them with you.

Bath Toy Diver Shower
First up is this bath toy, Divers. We haven’t opened it yet because of the drought here in Cape Town but I am super stoked for the kids to play with this (which means that I will get to play with it too lol). The colours are bright and bold and the the fact that it has it’s own little shower head is sure to make Ethan happy!

Bath Toy Diver Shower has a manual spout that attaches to the tub as well as offers many creative ways to play with water. Press the Diver’s eyes to draw up water through the spout creating a safe and also constant flow of water into the stacking cups and more! In addition… there is no need to keep the the faucet on. Simply attach with the suction cups provided.

Then we have this really cool unicorn pillow. Guys, I never thought I’d have anything unicorn in my house, so this freaks me out. I love it so much! And it seems Harper loved it too.

Enjoy nothing but sweet magical dreams with this Unicorn Pillow by your side!

Thought the boys would toss this one aside but they surprised me and I loved listening to them play with this cash register. Using their imaginations and taking turns being the shopkeeper. Definitely a winner!

Not only will kids love playing with this Play Cash Register, they will be learning crucial math skills at the same time!

Emoji Crystal Putty
I must be honest and tell you that the boys did not like these crystal putty. I think it was the texture that they didn’t like and that there was some residue left on their hands, so putting it away was a little messy. But, I enjoyed squishing it in my hands and feeling the slime go through my fingers.

Emoji Crystal Putty is part toy, part stress reliever, part physical therapy and entirely addictive. It’s translucent in colour, so the glow appears to come from deep within! Very different, unique as well as fun!

Now this is what I was most excited about. Mark is an avid fisher, so we spend a bit of time at the beach together. And I was super keen to use the sand free mat and beach bag. Only thing is, we haven’t managed to get to the beach for the last few weeks. I did, however, use the mat at KDay the other day and it works. The mat allows sand and dirt to fall through it and is light, portable and easy to set up. So no more sandy legs or messy cars.

How many times do we have to shake our towels to get all the beach sand off? Now, imagine having a relaxing, sand-free day at the beach without having to worry about all the sand. Firmly attach to the ground with the D-rings so that towels as well as blankets can easily be laid on top for additional comfort.

Made of mesh, these Sand-Free Beach Bags will filter out the sand. Just give it a shake and watch the sand sieve through. Specially designed for the beach as well as other outdoor activities. This is one accessory you wont want to go without.

Did you like any of the items we received? Which was your favourite?

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    • Kim Muller says:

      Hi Charlene! The boys love that cushion. They lay on it while watching tv, or steal from Harper when she’s distracted lol. It’s such a cute item.

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