2017 is the year for dreams to be realised

Ever needed time away from everything? I am so glad I took these last 2 weeks to be away from the blog, to regroup, refocus and find my mojo. I am not one of the best story tellers. I envy people who can paint pictures with their words. Who can evoke emotions with the way they tell a story. I want to be one of those people but it’s going to take some work from my side. I’m hoping to share my progress here and would love any feedback you have.

Time for a catch-up

Our Christmas was quiet and the children had the best time. I loved watching their faces light up with delight and wonder over Santa and the gifts they received.

New Year’s Eve was a bit of a let-down. We had friends over and everything was going great until I got the mother of all toothaches. 2017 came in with a bit of pain for me.

It didn’t stop there though. On the heels of that toothache, came a sore throat and then my very first migraine in my life (we’re going on day 9 now of this headache).

Despite the pain that the new year has brought for me, life is going on. We’re in the midst of planning Matthew’s 6th birthday for the 21st. My cousin is getting married the weekend following Matthew’s party and we have her kitchen tea this weekend. Life is so busy with school starting for Matthew, stationary having to be bought, getting Ethan ready to go back to crèche and making sure he’s ready for potty training, and then the first anniversary of losing my mom coming up on the 18th.

We have a child in Grade R

Seriously?!? I am so proud of Matthew and yet have this ball of nerves that’s rolling around inside me. His first day was great! We walked to his class and when we were a few steps from the door, he turns around and just says to me “okay, bye Mommy”. Yes, it’s great that he was so calm and didn’t seem to need me. But I needed him to need me. You know? I wasn’t ready for him to be okay without me. Even though this is how we raised him, to be independent and able to function without us around him all the time. He has gained his independence and as proud of him as I am, I am also mourning the loss of my baby.


Potty Training

Ethan is really showing his personality now. He’s a strong willed little fella that is giving this mommy more grey hairs than she needs. He defies me at every opportunity and makes me question my ability as a good mom every day. He will be in the potty training class at the crèche in the next month or so and I am not looking forward to it. With his stubbornness and his unwillingness to even tell us when he wants to use the loo, I foresee a lot of tears of frustration and messy episodes in the future.


Resolutions and goals

I don’t have resolutions for the new year. I don’t have a word or specific goals that I want to share. What I do want from this year is to stress less, relax more, and spend more quality time with my family. I want to share more content on my blog, finally get someone to help me build my website and try to reach more people with this little space of mine.

Let 2017 be the year that we do less stuff and spend more time with our loved ones. Let 2017 be the year that our dreams are realised and goals are reached.

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8 thoughts on “2017 is the year for dreams to be realised

  1. Jodie says:

    Happy new year to you and your family! Shame, I hope that the year gets better 🙂 We just started toilet training at home this week and it’s going…SLOW. How old is your Ethan? Our Ethan also started grade R this year, but he’s at the same school so saying goodbye was easy for the both of us.

    • Kim Muller says:

      Thank you and happy new year to you too! Our Ethan was 2 in August. He is a little hot head and very independent, so not looking forward to this journey 😀 It’s easier like that yes, you’re lucky.

  2. mommabeartrax says:

    Urrgghh,..potty training is my least fave part of parenting hun…So I feel your pain! Morgy left me scarred but fortunately Parker took care of herself and just did it without us. I pray you have similar streak of luck and that it goes smoothly without much trauma for momma! 😉 Good luck!

    • Kim Muller says:

      Matthew was so easy. Within 2 weeks, he was fully potty trained but he was a more relaxed and chilled out child than Ethan is. I’m praying it goes as easy as it did with Matthew but I don’t have high hopes lol.

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